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I have been engaged in graphic design and have a special photography studio, some photo and photo processing experience can share with you, take jewelry shooting as an example.

Photo Preparation:

It is best to take pictures with professional small studios; at least two professional photographic lamps; a pixel in more than 5 million of the camera, is a professional camera better; some different color background paper or cloth, some shooting props, fashion magazines, can be placed according to different accessories as a background! It is important for the angle of the ornament to shoot light, especially the multi slice , a larger diamond or crystal, the following figure for example:

The two pictures are because of different lighting angle, resulting in different shooting effect, so a good product shooting is very important! different angles to shoot, can fully reflect the appearance and characteristics of the product!

Another picture after the completion of the image processing can not be belittled, usually with more Photoshop processing, and now some picture processing software for some conventional color, cutting basic functions, can also be simple to use, but Photoshop more professional, it is recommended as a friend of the shop can learn some basic image processing, After all, learning is their own, often need to use.

Here's another basic tool for toning: in Photoshop/menu/image/Adjustment/

1. Curve (ctrl+m)

2. Hue/Guarantee and degree (CTRL+U)

3. Optional color in parentheses is an example of a shortcut key in the following illustration:

These two pictures is the color after the change, the real good product picture is to restore the nature of the basis, through the angle, light and other elements to show the characteristics of the product!

Opened the shop, although busy, hard, but everything is very substantial, although the sale is not much, the credibility is not high, but I believe that the investment has always been rewarded! No matter what it is! A business is very happy, regardless of size, and the buyer is also very happy to communicate, no matter what type of customers, through my introduction, she eventually bought the product, Have a great sense of achievement! This is what I am experiencing Taobao open shop all kinds of fun, I believe that the mentality is very important, all let go of the mood to do, there will be different feelings! And I would like to Taobao Sellers, find one of the fun, become a successful network business, there is a broader prospect!

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