Shoping shopping (learned the old boy video written)

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Import syslog
Import Sys

product=[' Apple ', ' coffee ', ' pc ', ' Rebot ', ' clothes ', ' licai '] #创建数组

PRICE=[4999,30,8000,100000,1000,500] #创建数组

Qingdan = [] #创建数组

While True:

Gongz=int (raw_input (' \033[33;1mplease input you gz:\033[0m '). Strip ())


#输入工资, not numeric exception handling

#except ValueError:
Except ValueError:
Print "error:you must input a num"

While True:

print ' \033[35;1mplease looking for caidan\033[0m ' #输出你的菜单

For line in product:


Print "\033[32;1m%s\t%s\033[0m"% (Line,price[product.index (line)])


If Gongz < min (price): #判断是否购买的起

Print "\033[34;1m didn ' t buy this is buy\033[0m"

Print "\033[34;1m", Qingdan, "\033[0m"


Sys.exit ()


Goumai = Raw_input (' \033[32;1m you need shopping,please take it\033[0m ')


If goumai== ' exit ':

#exit exit Judgment

Print "\033[35;1m you buy", Qingdan, "\033[0m"

Sys.exit ()

If Goumai in product:

If Gongz < Price[product.index (Goumai)]:


Print "\033[31;1myou can ' t buy", Goumai, "Youhave", Gongz, "\033[0m"




Qingdan.append (Goumai)


Gongz = Gongz-price[product.index (Goumai)]


Print "\033[35;1m you buy", Qingdan, "We have", Gongz, "\033[0m"

print "\033[31;1mdon ' t hava this wp,you has", Gongz, "\033[0m"


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Shoping shopping (learned the old boy video written)

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