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Background Technology

At present, many companies have their own group short numbers. employees do not need to use phone bills when using short numbers for mutual dialing. However, it is troublesome to call short numbers of different carriers, if you use a company landline to enter a short employee's mobile phone number, you must add a service provider's identification number before dialing the short number, when employees and employees directly dial short numbers for each other, if they are the same service provider, they can simply call them directly, if it is not the same service provider, you must first dial the main number of the company group where the employee is located and then follow the prompts to call the service provider's identification number + mobile phone short number to dial the other party's mobile phone, the operation is very inconvenient and cumbersome. Therefore, we can solve the above problems through a simple method.

Technical content

At present, China is mainly engaged in Mobile, Unicom, telecom, and short numbers based on applications.

For example, if a China Unicom user has a length of 13088888369 and the short number is 555555,

A mobile user's length is 158999993568. The short number is 666666.

For example, when a group company's cluster short number is being called, if the mobile phone number can be directly dialed, the same is true for China Unicom, however, China Unicom and China Unicom have different mobile dialing methods.

For example, to connect China Mobile, you must first dial the main number of the group. For example, 911, then call the called number (which belongs to the China Unicom number) and add the identification number of the service provider. For example: 43. Then, add the short number of the UNICOM user, such as 555555, to connect the phone.

Another example is that China Unicom users also need to first dial the group owner Number of the user. For example, 911, then call the called user's short number (which belongs to the mobile user number) based on the prompt) you also need to add the identification number of the mobile service provider, for example, 42, and then add the short number of the mobile user, for example, 666666, to connect the phone.

According to the preceding description, when a mobile user calls a China Unicom user's short number, it is impossible for us to identify the service provider of each phone number in some cases, therefore, a work service center is required when you call the short number directly,

This service center requires the company Group to establish a data interaction management center. It is mainly responsible for the application of short numbers by users. The application information includes: employee ID, employee ID, name, phone number, short number, carrier, region, and other information. Take over the short number allocation information service of the telecom service provider. When the user submits the information to the data center, then the short number of the long number will be allocated according to the service provider to which the user belongs, and then submitted to the data center, each time a user requests to assign a short number, it must go through the data management center to check that the short number provided by each service provider cannot be the same as that provided by other service providers. If the numbers are the same, you cannot apply for a new short number.

When a user calls a contact short number, the short number information is automatically sent to the data work service center to retrieve the called contact information corresponding to the short number. If the contact information is of the same carrier, the user can directly dial the number. If the called contact is not from the same carrier and is located in the same region, the data service center will automatically bring out the group calling number of the contact and the operator's identification code and connect the short number to call the contact. For example, if a user is a mobile user and the called user is a Unicom user 555555, the following information is displayed: if the caller number of a user belonging to a group company is 911, the call information is 911 + 43 + 555555.

If it is detected that the called user does not belong to the same region but belongs to the same group short number group. Then, the Data Interaction Management Center automatically connects the region code of the user and adds the group caller ID and service provider ID and short number information to enable automatic dialing. For example, if the caller C1 short number is 666666 mobile users in Shenzhen,

When the called user a's short number is 555555 Unicom users belonging to Zhengzhou region, the service center is required to bring out the called user's zone number, group calling number, service provider identification number, and short message content information. call function. For example, if the Zhengzhou area code is 0377, the information is 0377 + 911 + 43 + 555555.


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