Shortcut Keys in MAC virtual machines

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because you are used to shortcut keys in windows, and the use of virtual machines is unfamiliar, so I found a lot of shortcuts for MAC systems on the Internet. After getting familiar with them, I will sort them out for you to share.
the apple machine has two special keys: command and option. Command can be replaced by the win key in the VM, but option is not found. Therefore, some shortcut keys cannot be used in virtual machines
the following can be used in virtual machines:
shortcut key:
hide file command + H
clear litter bin command + Shift + Delete
get information (static window) command + I
find... command + F
command + E
display option command + j
go to computer command + Shift + C
go to personal home directory command + Shift + H
go to idisk command + Shift + I
go to application Program directory command + Shift + A
go to the personal favorites command + Shift + F
go to the directory... command + Shift + G
file and directory shortcut keys:
In-situ replication command + D
display original location command + r
Add to favorites command + T
align project command + drag
Delete project command + Delete
open the directory command + double-click in a separate window
open the project command + down arrow
close the directory (go to the upper directory) command + up arrow
window shortcut key
New finder window command + n
close current window command + W
minimize current window command + M

The following are shortcut keys in the Apple Text. They cannot be used in my virtual machine and are not sure whether they can be used.
Action shortcut key
clear the recycle bin (no prompt) command + Option + Shift + Delete
get information (dynamic window) command + Option + I
hide other commands + Option + H
start to safe mode shift (after the boot sound)
open the logon window shift (after the screen turns blue)
and close the window shift (during login)
Start C from the CD
select the disk startup option
Reset parameter Ram command + Option + P + r
start to verbose mode command + v
start command + S in single user mode
enable firmware command + Shift + O + F
FireWire connection mode t
dashboard F12
finder shortcut
window shortcut key
close all windows option + Click Close button
minimize all windows option + Click Minimize button
applicable to screen option + Click zoom button
hide applications option + Click (desktop, dock item ,...)
move a non-current window command + drag window
View path command + Click window title
command + 1 displayed on the icon
command + 2 displayed on the list
show command + 3 in different columns
hide/show command + B

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