Shortcut keys in the VS2010

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I. Shortcut keys in VS2010


1:ctrl + Enter (at the cursor specified position + K + C (note)

CTRL + E + U (uncomment) <=> Ctrl + K + U (uncomment)

5:tab (Increase Indent) polygon adds a row and moves the cursor to the beginning of the newly added line)

Ctrl + Shift + Enter (adds a row below the cursor specified position and moves the cursor to the beginning of the newly added line)

2:ctrl + Shift + L (delete current line)

3:ctrl + M + O (Collapse all functions)

Ctrl + M + P (expand All functions)

4:ctrl + E + C (note) <=> Ctrl

Shift + Tab (Decrease Indent)

6:ctrl +. (Bring up the using menu; For classes that are not implemented can be generated automatically)

7:ctrl + E + S (see blanks-convert spaces to green dots, especially handy when looking for extra spaces)

8:F12 (go To definition)

Ctrl + _ (go back to definition)

Ctrl + Shift + _ (go To Definition again)

9:ctrl + Atl + P (Attach to process trace debugging a process)

10:ctrl + Shift + left and RIGHT arrow keys (select Code left or right in Word)

11:ctrl + Tab (toggle different file windows in VS)

Alt + Tab (toggle windows in different window)

12:prop + TAB + TAB (Create a property in C #, then switch position with TAB)

13:ctrl + K + X (insert Snippet inserts vs. defined code templates, such as selecting Visual C # in which you can select a number of different modules, such as selecting prop name and 12 are the same effect, and you can choose Try,tryf,us Ing,while and so on, these can go to vs actually to see)

14:ctrl + B + T (Mark current line)

Ctrl + B + P (moves the cursor to the previous marker line)

Ctrl + B + N (moves the cursor to the next marker line)

Ctrl + B + C (remove all tag lines)

Ctrl + W + B (list all tag lines, i.e. open a new window, click View if you want to open more small windows)

Note: Tag lines can mark the sections of code we care about, allowing for different sections of code to be toggled, for example, I want to compare the similarities and differences between the two ends of the code, or to implement new functionality with reference to a piece of code. Certainly won't forget Ctrl + A, CTRL + C, CTRL + V, CTRL + X, CTRL + Z, CTRL + S "

15:F7 (switch from designer interface to acquired code)

Shift + F7 (switch from background code to foreground designer page) (for example, used in an ASP. NET program)

16:ctrl + E + D (format the code block in the current page vs), select the code in VS and Ctrl + E + F (to format the selected snippet)

17:F11-by-statement debugging

Shortcut keys in the VS2010

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