Should Chinese people develop their own Object Persistence frameworks?

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In the software development process, we often encounter the need to save some data to a medium that can store data for a long time, so that we can get it in time when we need to use the data again in the future. Most software systems store data in the following conventional media: databases, files, XML, and so on.

Nowadays, the popular programming idea is object-oriented, that is, during the software running process, a large number of operation objects and a lot of object data need to be saved. Therefore, how to save objects to these persistent media occurs. Generally, the data structure of the media that can save data is not object-oriented. For example, the mainstream databases are relational databases, and the data storage method is non-object-oriented. When saving objects, conversion and ing will inevitably occur. The Object Persistence framework is designed to solve these problems.

We can directly convert objects into binary files and save them to files by means of serialization, or convert objects into XML files by means of XML serialization. Although this method of Object Persistence works well, its defect is poor security and takes up a large amount of space. Therefore, we do not consider this method of Object Persistence for the moment.

Currently, the best, fast, and safer data storage method is database. However, because mainstream databases are relational databases, there is no storage method for the data structure of objects, as a result, we will encounter a lot of conversions in the Process of storing objects, and require a lot of SQL statement support. If these underlying operations are used too much at the business logic layer, the structure of the business layer will be greatly affected.ProgramThe structure seems very difficult to understand and maintain, which causes the complexity of the program to be limited to a small scope. In order to adapt the business logic to more complex situations and to reduce the coupling between data storage and business logic, we must design an intermediate component to encapsulate these complicated operations. This is the object persistence framework.

The concept of object persistence framework is not very novel, and many companies or individuals are currently using Persistence frameworks for development. However, most of the currently popular Persistence frameworks are in the Java environment. Even in the. NET environment, they all use the functions in Java. For example, although nhib.pdf is currently well-known and popular, it is only evolved from hibernate in Java. Apart from a few compatibility modifications, most of the structures have not changed. In addition, these mainstream Persistence frameworks are generally developed in foreign countries, and the main help documentation is mainly in English. Even if there is Chinese help, it is only translated from the original. The introduction is also simple, and once deep-seated problems occur, they cannot be solved in a timely manner. Although many individuals and organizations in China have recently launched some Object Persistence frameworks, we feel that the promotion and discussion in China is far from enough. Our use of the Object Persistence framework only stays on the basic operations such as adding, deleting, and modifying a single object. The object-oriented thinking has not been completely thoroughly understood. Therefore, we want to use the epassion platformCodeReusable friends provide an environment for everyone to explore more challenging technical issues in a harmonious atmosphere. So that software made in China can stand on the stage of the world.

Currently, basic tools in China are widely used in foreign countries. They are developed using IBM, Microsoft, sun, and Boland. The basic libraries and development languages are also foreign, if only third-party components that can be independently developed are used by others. So what can our Chinese programmers do? We think about developing our own products under this kind of thinking. Although our technology is still lacking, we firmly believe that if we unite, one day, we will develop various tools of our own. I feel that what China lacks now is a programmer who can truly think independently (including me, who also lacks this ability ), this independent thinking ability is not the ability to think independently when making your own products, but the ability to think independently in the technical aspects you use. It is because we have developed the habit of taking the initiative, which leads us to gradually skip writing things that can be compiled by ourselves, and gradually lose the leading role of these technologies, others took their noses away.

Nowadays, programmers in China usually have this kind of mentality. When I published a self-developed persistence framework, I was saying that foreign countries do not need mature and advanced things. Why do I need to develop it myself? It is true that those things are better than mine, but I will not use them. I will only learn. What I want to do is to master their technologies and then innovate on their own. If all Chinese programmers from the bottom layer to the top layer think this way, I think soon China will have its own development tools, its own language, and its own third-party components, by then, will China always be behind the ass of the United States. Of course, this is not achieved by a person's ability. It requires the efforts of all Chinese programmers. Everyone is doing things with this attitude and idea, and everyone contributes a little bit, this will bring great progress to China's software industry. Our Chinese programmers have this ability and IQ.

Chinese people are self-reliant!

Note: this website is my website that publishes Persistence frameworks I developed with several like-minded friends. I hope you will join us and join our team to develop your own things.

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