Should I be honest when it comes to employment?

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Hello, instructor he:

First of all, thank you for taking the time to read my email during your busy schedule. I am very honored.

I am a girl. First of all, I confess to you that I am still studying in a training institution. I learned about IBM software outsourcing, which is actually the Java language. The two-year training session is over. All the students in the same class have gone to major cities like Shenzhen and Shanghai. It may be the difference in personal abilities or luck. Some people can find a satisfactory job after a week of going out, while others have struggled for a month but still have no news. They said that the IT industry is not doing well this year. They said that there are high requirements for Java talents. They said... I don't know what to say. After I graduated from high school, I came to this so-called University. I had a high tuition fee, I got an exam degree, and I took a job today after two years of training?

I can't say that I am a trainee on my resume. I need to write my resume with one year of work experience. I just heard that I have the skills and skills that are well-defined on my resume, on my resume, I just think it's an exaggeration to have project experience... I am afraid to submit my resume, dare not go to an interview, and dare not tell others what I am doing ~

This afternoon, I rummaged through your blog in the dormitory. I don't know where my problem is or what I want to ask, but I think I want to talk to you in my heart.

Okay, you are busy. Sorry.


When I saw your letter in the early morning, you couldn't help but appreciate the word "honesty. I am optimistic about your future when I think about the principle of being a person while looking at others' false resumes, you can also feel that your study and life over the past two years have not been handled at will. This is where your capital is.

I have to point out that the biggest problem is that it is time for you to take the step forward. The old ox and the squirrel are not completely reliable. The pony needs to cross the river by himself. When you take this step, it may be smooth, it may be difficult, and you have prepared your thoughts. Everything is acceptable to you, but you must have a belief in the world, there will be no reward without your position. The challenge you want to accept is not only the first job you want to seek after two years of training, but also the one-to-one "getting out of the first step" of your career from now on ", this is the path for your gradual maturity. With the expectation of growth, you can put down the burden in your mind and walk out of this step happily so that you can naturally and freely. This series of challenges cannot be overcome during growth. Why not face them directly?

What I want to add is that honesty does not mean rigid dogma. You can design your resume based on your own characteristics. It is not necessary to apply a fixed format. I can confess that I am a trainee, but I can not write it, but I am not writing anything else. I want to show that I am serious about my work and that I am a "reliable" person. Avoid the disadvantages of trainees and fully demonstrate your current abilities. Competence is the most important concern of employers. Write down the projects I have done during the training and I have done it myself. Each project may have a limited level of scale, but I am very clear about the advantages and disadvantages of this project, A question is displayed.

If you choose to be honest, you will actually choose to give up the opportunity brought about by speculation. You must treat everything in the future with a more calm mind. The hard-won opportunities that may be gained are not only considered as opportunities for independence, but also a platform for your continued growth. What you want to solve is not to find a job now, but to gain a firm foothold in the next few years, and then try to fly higher and reap the satisfaction of your life. The honesty you want is a solid foundation for dependency. First job, then job selection. One year of experience will soon be available, as will the project experience, big and small. In the strategy of a long-running war, this is a need.

Different people can have different choices. Now, if you choose to pursue fake employment, the company may be the one who wants this style. This style is not suitable for your characteristics. The choice is a torment for both parties. This is a suggestion from someone like me. "face + honesty" gives me the opportunity to stand firm on the podium and give me the opportunity. Now I am able to give you time to reply, enjoy the quietness of this volunteer helper. The Society and the workplace you want to face may not be calm, but you should keep yourself in mind, and do not let these hold your hands and feet. This is a way to find your own world.

Graduation season. Going out and walking through are all scenery. Another article for girls Article 《
Active, always magic weapon for reference. Another letter from one of my female students to me (I do not want to publish it as a blog post yet) is also attached to you for reference.

I wish you a wonderful view.




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