Shout-hope that the blog circle will always be a paradise

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I am not a senior either. I can't talk about it, but I want to say it again, so I simply put it bluntly.
As the blog circle becomes increasingly prominent and registrants soar, I am afraid all new users will post actively and want to attract your attention. I hope you will reply to the discussion a lot, I think this is the psychological status of every new employee, but some may be because they have not accumulated some experience, but they also want to actively participate in it, many "enthusiastic" posts (some posted on the homepage) and posts with low practical usage are filled in, causing certain confusion, this situation seems more and more obvious ........ what I want to say is not that Dudu and other administrators should strictly strengthen management, because Dudu and its administrators have their own things and work to do, and it is impossible to stare at the screen without blinking 24 hours a day, therefore, we still need to consciously purify the blog circle, rather than simply saying "support blog circles; Do not post in disorder" in the mouth, and try to Del meaningless posts. In fact, to be honest, I also turned around, huh, but I haveArticleSo it won't affect the discussion outside. Hey hey, some of them write very easily, and they know that they don't pay attention to it, so I just hide it to make it easier for me to look at it; of course I am not opposed to the loose post. As long as I don't need to post too useless posts, I can.
I am not a master or dare not talk to a master, but I am a hardcore supporter of the blog circle. If I attempt to undermine the blog circle and attempt to undermine the development of the blog circle, how can I end with him !!!

I haven't talked about the question for a long time. My language is poor ..... * ^ * Do not joke on your brothers. It's just that you want to share a blog circle with everyone, find a development path suitable for the blog circle, and strive to create a technological world, after all, Microsoft is connected to us ~, Isn't that a problem ?!!

@ Dudu
When can I use the "Notepad" function I mentioned to you last? I will record the article address directly in the background without posting it so that I can use it easily. How can I do it?

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