Show or hide rulers, gridlines, and Navigation panes in Word 2010

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In the Word 2010 document window, users can display or hide rulers, gridlines, and navigation panes as needed. In the view ribbon, in the display group, select or cancel the check box to show or hide the corresponding item.

1. Show or hide rulers

The ruler includes a horizontal ruler and a vertical ruler that displays margins, paragraph indents, tabs, and so on for word 2010 documents. Select or remove the ruler check box to show or hide the ruler, as shown in Figure 2009120304.

Figure 2009120304 Word 2010 document window Ruler

2. Show or hide gridlines

Grid lines can help users align objects such as graphics, images, text boxes, WordArt, and so on in a word 2010 document along gridlines, and gridlines are not printed when printed. Select or remove gridlines check box to show or hide gridlines, as shown in Figure 2009120305.

Figure 2009120305 Word 2010 document window Gridlines

3. Show or hide the Navigation Pane

The Navigation Pane is primarily used to display the title outline of a Word 2010 document, and users can click a heading in the Document Map to expand or shrink the next level of headings, quickly navigate to the body content of the title, and display a thumbnail of a word 2010 document. Select or cancel the Navigation Pane check box to show or hide the Navigation Pane, as shown in Figure 2009120306.

Figure 2009120306 The Word 2010 Navigation Pane

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