Shuhang Gushan Middle Road

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I recently visited Rongcheng and visited Gushan.

Spring is getting farther and farther away, standing on the verge of death.

What you see is youfang's Ancient path, Changlin's disadvantages, chaotic clouds, flying birds, distant peaks overlap, troughs, Song Tao, Fan Yin singing, and feeling in your heart.


Shuhang Gushan Middle Road

Fighting to participate in the commercialization, the southeast of the Sun and the Moon.
Rong Hua Lu, Min Shui around the west city.
Min Si wants to ask Zen, and Gu Shan can visit the monk.
And steal for half a day, and the pitch is light.
Wan Li You Yan Ke, Shen Yin today login.

Gao Lin changyan day, Qu Jing empty traces.
The path is hidden, and the moss is hidden.
Old Tree hangs down the new Luo, Ji shi Gu old shadow.
The dense bamboo birds return to the oblique angle, and the grain-deep ape CAWs.
Step by step.

Moya Zhu Sha, Dan Xin Yu Hu ice.
Face the wall of the parameter Dharma, set yourself into the Vatican.
As the storm surges.
The audience was speechless.
In this sense, long life.

The world is less prosperous and the troubles are more bitter.
The world is full of red dust, and rivers and lakes are full of virtual names.
The money is enough.
When the cold surface, the sea thin duckweed.
Heartless and impermanence, ten years of Night Rain.

Don't wait to think about it, just hear the sound of minutes.
The peak transfer to qingcui, the legend of the Emperor.
Cheng Ming lingtai Xing.
At this time, there is no debate about the inorganic front.
I forgot to go. The tea is full of mountains.


By jrq

2009/05/08 in Fuzhou


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