Siebel and OFM integrate and deploy rest services

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Solution Overview

1. Prerequisites

About ACR 543

ACR 543 implements Siebel Application Integration for Oracle fusion middleware. sai for Oracle fusion middleware provides a new integration capability between Siebel business applications and the Oracle WebLogic Server. within the Oracle WebLogic Server, either independently or as part of Oracle fusion middleware, sai for Oracle fusion middleware provides a distinct container for hosting web services and building Java applications. this initial release of SAI for Oracle fusion middleware supports the deployment of Siebel restful services to the Oracle WebLogic Server. siebel restful services (representational state transfer) are a set of Java EE (Java Enterprise Edition) services that make available an instance of a Siebel repository or a Siebel enterprise instance to a connected application or data management system.

The following conditions must be met:

Oracle WebLogic Server 11GRelease 1 (10.3.3) or later

Oracle jdeveloper 11g ( or later versions can be later, 11.2.x cannot be installed)

Enable EAI and AOM

Importing archive files for ACR 543

Siebel (patchset) or later

Lock the following project

EAI business services

■ Server components-Infrastructure

■ Server components-EAI

■ Sai EAI outbound services

■ Sai base integration objects

Import the SIF patch set, which is located in the client tools/repatch/directory after the 8114 patch is installed

Post-compiled and published to Siebel Server


1. Find the Sai (Siebel Application Integration) jdeveloper plug-in (plug-in name:, Location: siebsrvr_root \ siebsrvr \ Classes directory) in Siebel, this patch is available only after over 8114 patches are installed.

2. Install the Sai plug-in jdeveloper

Select Check for updates in the Help directory"

Select the local jdeveloper plug-in downloaded from the previous step.

Confirm the lisence information and select "I agree"

Click "finish" to install the plug-in. After installation, restart jdeveloper to make it take effect.

3. Create and configure the Siebel resource Adapter

Select Siebel application integration in the new wizard, and then select deployment"

Enter the Sai creation wizard

Select "Siebel resource adapter" in deployment type"

Complete the basic information of the adapter

Edit Ra. XML to complete the adapter parameter configuration. Note that EAI om alias is enabled in Siebel.

Select other parameter configurations as needed

After the adapter parameter is set, you need to deploy the adapter to WebLogic and fill in the relevant WebLogic connection information

Confirm the information before deployment. Click "finish" to complete the creation wizard.

After the deployment is complete, "succeeded" is reported, indicating that the deployment is complete.

4. Create and configure a rest Application

Select "Siebel Application Integration" in the new wizard again, select "rest", and click "Next" to go to the next step.

Edit the corresponding parameters, confirm the security model, and select "ddonly" by default. If Weblogic Security Configuration exists, select the second one (required)

Enter the connection information deployed to WebLogic

Confirm deployment and click "finish" to complete the creation wizard.

After "succeeded" is reported, the deployment is completed.

5. Check whether WebLogic has been deployed successfully.

6. Security Configuration

Enter security domain configuration

Add Group

Added the siebeladmin user and associated group.

Configure the siebeleaifusionrest ApplicationProgramSecurity

If the adapter is configured as EIS/Siebel/siebelresourceadapterconnfactory in the test link, the jndi in the link must be Siebel. siebelresourceadapterconnfactory

Test path:

Http: // 7001/Oracle-CRM/API/rest/Siebel. siebelresourceadapterconnfactory/EAI % 20 account? Searchexpr = [account. Name] Like 'f *'


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