Siege stress test and siege stress test

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Siege stress test and siege stress test

Siege Official Website:

Siege is a multi-threaded http Load Testing and Benchmark Testing Tool in Linux.

Usage reason: Time needed

  • Wget
  • Tar-xzvf siege-latest.tar.gz
  • ./Configure
  • Make
  • Make install
  • View the configuration file/usr/local/siege/bin/siege-C
Common Parameters of Siege commands
  • -C 200: the specified concurrency is 200.
  • -R 5: Number of specified tests 5
  • -F urls.txt: Specifies the url file.
  • -I: the internet system sends URLs randomly.
  • -B requests do not need to wait for delay = 0
  • -T 5: Continuous testing for 5 minutes
  • -R and-t are generally not used at the same time.
Common siege commands
  • 200 concurrent requests sent to the 100 times
    Siege-c 200-r 100
  • List all URLs in urls.txt
    Siege-c 200-r 100-f urls.txt
  • Select urls.txt to list all URLs.
    Siege-c 200-r 100-f urls.txt-I
  • Delay = 0, more accurate stress testing, not functional testing
    Siege-c 200-r 100-f urls.txt-I-B
  • Specify the document type of the http Request Header
    Siege-H "Content-Type: application/json"-c 200-r 100-f urls.txt-I-B
Siege output result description
  • Transactions: Total number of tests
  • Availability: Percentage of successes
  • Elapsed time: Total time consumed in seconds
  • Data transferred: Total Data Transmission
  • Response time: wait until the Response time is reached
  • Transaction rate: Average number of requests processed per second
  • Throughput: Throughput
  • Concurrency: Maximum Concurrency
  • Successful transactions: Number of Successful requests
  • Failed transactions: number of Failed requests
Summary tests used by Siege

Siege-c xxx-I-t 5-d 1-f solr2-wcs.txt
Siege-c 300-r 100-I-B-f
Default urls.txt

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