Silent oracle database installation on OEL7.0, oel7.0oracle

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Silent oracle database installation on OEL7.0, oel7.0oracle

Silent oracle database installation on OEL7.0

Silent Installation is rarely used, and basically does not require Silent Installation. Xmanager is used to redirect graphics even for text-installed systems. But there is always an exception. For example, if there seems to be no Xmananger on the MAC operating system, the virtual machine can only be installed silently if it only has a text interface, if you want to install a graphical interface, then another situation will occur.

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1. Operating System Environment Settings

Different ORACLE database versions are installed based on different operating systems. The configurations are slightly different. Here we will not describe them one by one. You can set them according to your own environment. Take 12C on OEL7.0 as an example.

1.1 edit/etc/sysctl. conf

Fs. aio-max-nr = 1048576

Fs. file-max = 6815744

Kernel. shmall = 2097152

Kernel. shmmax = 913516544

Kernel. panic_on_oops = 1

Kernel. shmmni = 4096

Kernel. sem = 250 32000 100 128

Net. ipv4.ip _ local_port_range = 900065500

Net. core. rmem_default = 262144

Net. core. rmem_max = 4194304

Net. core. wmem_default = 262144

Net. core. wmem_max = 1048586

Run sysctl-p

1.2 create a directory user

Groupadd oinstall

Groupadd dba

Groupadd rule

Groupadd asmadmin

Groupadd asmdba

Groupadd asmoper

Useradd-g oinstall-Gdba, asmdba, asmadmin, asmoper grid

Useradd-g oinstall-G dba, role, asmdbaoracle





Chown grid: oinstall/u01/app/12.1.0/grid

Chown grid: oinstall/u01/app/grid

Chown-R oracle: oinstall/u01/app/oracle

Chmod-R 775/u01/

Chown-R grid: oinstall/u01

Change User Password

Passwd grid

Passwd oracle



1.3 Configure/etc/security/limits. conf


Oracle soft nproc 2047

Hard nproc 16384

Oracle soft nofile 1024

Oracle hard nofile 65536

Oracle soft stack 10240

Grid soft nproc 2047

Grid hard nproc 16384

Grid soft nofile 1024

Grid hard nofile 65536

Grid soft stack 10240


1.4 set ORACLE environment variables

Export TMP =/tmp;

Export TMPDIR = $ TMP;

Export ORACLE_BASE =/u01/app/oracle;

Export ORACLE_HOME = $ ORACLE_BASE/product/12.1.0/db_1;

Export ORACLE_SID = prod;

Export ORACLE_TERM = xterm;

Export PATH =/usr/sbin: $ PATH;

Export PATH = $ ORACLE_HOME/bin: $ PATH;

ExportLD_LIBRARY_PATH = $ ORACLE_HOME/lib:/usr/lib;


Export NLS_DATE_FORMAT = "yyyy-mm-ddHH24: MI: SS ";





1.5 Modify/etc/hosts

Add Host Name

2 Silent Installation 2.1 install 2.1.1 edit the automatic response File

ORACE installation requires some interaction with the user. If you want to cancel these interactions, you must write the reply content to a file in advance. This file is an automatic response file, next we start to create the file.


Oracle. install. responseFileVersion =/oracle/install/rspfmt_dbinstall_response_schema_v12.1.0
Oracle. install. option = INSTALL_DB_SWONLY
INVENTORY_LOCATION =/u01/app/oraInventory
Selected_ages = en
ORACLE_HOME =/u01/app/oracle/product/12.1.0/db_1
ORACLE_BASE =/u01/app/oracle/product/12.1.0
Oracle. install. db. InstallEdition = EE
Oracle. install. db. DBA_GROUP = dba
Oracle. install. db. OPER_GROUP = dba
Oracle. install. db. BACKUPDBA_GROUP = dba
Oracle. install. db. DGDBA_GROUP = dba
Oracle. install. db. KMDBA_GROUP = dba
Oracle. install. db. isRACOneInstall = false
Oracle. installer. autoupdates. option = SKIP_UPDATES

2.1.2 Installation

The command is as follows:

./RunInstaller-silent-noconfig-ignorePrereq-responseFile/home/oracle/database/db. rsp view Installation Process

You can view the installation progress in the/opt/app/oraInventory/logs directory.

The following figure is displayed:


INFO: Completed validating state <finish>

INFO: Terminating all background operations

INFO: Terminated all background operations

INFO: Successfully executed the flow in SILENT mode

INFO: Dispose the current Session instance

INFO: Dispose the install area control object

INFO: Update the state machine to STATE_CLEAN

INFO: Finding the most appropriate exit status for the current application

INFO: Exit Status is 0

INFO: Shutdown Oracle Database 12c Release 1 Installer


Script Execution prompt after successful installation

L7database] $ You can find the log of this install session:


[Oracle @ oel7database] $ The installation of Oracle Database 12c was successful.

Pleasecheck '/u01/app/oraInventory/logs/silentInstall2015-01-01_06-09-15PM.log' formore details.


As aroot user, execute the following script (s ):

1./u01/app/oraInventory/orainstRoot. sh

2./u01/app/oracle/product/12.1.0/db_1/root. sh

SuccessfullySetup Software.

Asinstall user, execute the following script to complete the configuration.

1./u01/app/oracle/product/12.1.0/db_1/export toollogs/configToolAllCommandsRESPONSE_FILE = <response_file>


1. This script must be run on the samehost from where installer was run.

2. This script needs a small passwordproperties file for configuration assistants that require passwords (refer toinstall guide documentation ).


2.1.3 parameter description

-Silent indicates silent Installation Without any prompt

-Force allows installation to a non-empty directory

-Noconfig indicates that the configuration assistant netca is not run.

-ResponseFile indicates which response file to use and must use an absolute path.

Oracle. install. responseFileVersion: the version of the response file template. Do not change this parameter.

Oracle. install. option Installation option. In this example, only the oracle software is installed. Do not change this parameter.

Whether online security update is required for DECLINE_SECURITY_UPDATES. Set this parameter to false. Do not change this parameter.


UNIX_GROUP_NAME name of the group used by the oracle user to install software

INVENTORY_LOCATION oracle product list directory

SELECTED_LANGUAGES oracle operating language environment, generally including citation and simplified and Traditional Chinese

ORACLE_HOME Oracle Installation Directory

ORACLE_BASE basic oracle directory

Oracle. install. db. InstallEdition

Whether oracle. install. db. isCustomInstall is customized or not. The default options include Partitioning, OLAP, and RAT.

Oracle. install. db. customComponents custom installation component list: In addition to the above default, you can add Label Security and Database Vault

Oracle. install. db. DBA_GROUP name of the group used by oracle users to grant OSDBA Permissions

Oracle. install. db. OPER_GROUP the group name that oracle users use to grant OSOPER Permissions


2.2 silent configuration listening 2.2.1 configure the response File

[ ca]
INSTALLED_COMPONENTS = {"server", "net8", "javavm "}
INSTALL_TYPE = "" typical ""

2.2.2 execution

# Netca-silent-responseFile/home/oracle/netca. rsp

Run the following command:

Parsingcommand line arguments:

Parameter "silent" = true

Parameter "responsefile" =/home/oracle/netca. rsp

Doneparsing command line arguments.

OracleNet Services Configuration:

Profileconfiguration complete.

OracleNet Listener Startup:

Running Listener Control:

/U01/app/oracle/product/12.1.0/db_1/bin/lsnrctl start LISTENER

Listener Control complete.

Listener started successfully.

Listenerconfiguration complete.

OracleNet Services configuration successful. The exit code is 0

2.2.3 configure the local tnsname. ora File







(SERVICE_NAME = prod3)




Remote connection. The Node shuts down the firewall!

2.3 silent database creation 2.3.1 generate a response file template:

$ Vi $ DISTRIB/db_create.rsp


# Do not change the following parameters



OPERATION_TYPE = "createDatabase"

# The following parameters must be set:



TEMPLATENAME = "General_Purpose.dbc"

# If the following parameters are not set, the default value is used. We recommend that you set them.




2.3.2 silent database creation

The seed_home/assistants/dbca/templates/Seed_Database.dfb and Seed_Database.ctl files are used to create a database based on rman to restore the seed database and control file.


$ Dbca-silent-responseFile $ DISTRIB/db_create.rsp

Enter SYS user password:

<Enter the sys User Password>

Enter SYSTEM user password:

<Enter the system user password>


The parameter meanings are as follows:

-Silent indicates silent Installation

-ResponseFile indicates which response file to use and must use an absolute path.

RESPONSEFILE_VERSION: the version of the response file template. Do not change this parameter.

OPERATION_TYPE. Do not change this parameter.

GDBNAME: global database name. The default value is db_name before the dot. The default value is db_domain after the dot.

Template Name For TEMPLATENAME database creation, refer to the template definition: $ ORACLE_HOME/assistants/dbca/templates/*. dbc

CHARACTERSET character set. The default value is WE8MSWIN1252.

TOTALMEMORY instance memory. The default value is 40% of the physical memory of the server.

2.3.3 installation progress

$ Tail-f $ ORACLE_BASE/export toollogs/dbca/$ ORACLE_SID/$ ORACLE_SID.log


2.4 silent database deletion 2.4.1 generate a response file template:

$ Vi $ DISTRIB/db_delete.rsp

# The following parameters do not need to be modified



OPERATION_TYPE = "deleteDatabase"

# The following parameters are modified based on actual conditions.




2.4.2 Delete A Database

$ Dbca-silent-responseFile $ DISTRIB/db_delete.rsp

The parameter meanings are as follows:

-Silent indicates silent Deletion

-ResponseFile indicates which response file to use and must use an absolute path.

RESPONSEFILE_VERSION: the version of the response file template. Do not change this parameter.

OPERATION_TYPE. Do not change this parameter.

SOURCEDB database name. It is not a global database name, that is, it does not contain db_domain

3) view log information to learn the progress:


$ Tail-100f $ ORACLE_BASE/export toollogs/dbca/$ ORACLE_SID/$ ORACLE_SID.log

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