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When talking about the hermit and migrant worker J watched ice hockey, as the crowd emerged, it was raining heavily outside. The hermit found that the old and beautiful people in Silicon Valley generally do not carry umbrellas. From a large number of American movies and series, they can draw the conclusion that few American people like to carry umbrellas. As a result, thousands of people on the street began to go violent like demonstrations, and we did not know the road when we got together. After walking for a long time, it may take about 2-3 kilometers. It seems that the stadium is in a circle. An old man finally woke up and led the men out of the crowd to go to the Light Rail Station. All the migrant workers at the station were dejected. It was only five minutes between the Light Rail Station and the stadium.
All of us are wet and shrinking in the gallery to prepare to buy a ticket, the automatic ticket vending machine is not easy to use, and the person who buys the ticket is a big slide. The viewer asked, why is there no manual ticket sales? At, it seems that it would be nice to be able to open a light rail. We don't want to sell tickets manually. The US is too expensive. Unlike Shanghai, there has been no light rail in the subway for a long time. After watching the game and concert, people in full streets cannot find a car to go home.
The car is coming. We haven't purchased a good ticket yet. We just have to watch the door in a hurry. The viewer asked again, so he just picked up and got on the bus first, and then bought the ticket. It seems that the old us are quite simple. If you don't buy a good ticket, you won't get on the bus, and you'll have to wait for the next one. It may be that there was a game, and the light rail was on duty. Five minutes later, there was another car, and our men fell wet to the ground. Looking at this line chart, no wonder the United States is developed. If we compare San Francisco to Shanghai and Silicon Valley to Hangzhou, then the small cities on the map are like small and medium-sized Yangtze River Delta cities like Jiaxing, this light rail is the Rail Transit connecting these small and medium-sized cities. It has been brewing in the Yangtze River Delta for a few years. I don't know why.

Don't look at this light rail. In fact, there are only two sections. One section can take a bicycle, and the other one can be used for migrant workers. In this section, only the lower-income class that cannot afford to drive cars will go to the light rail, so there are only two trains.
After arriving at the light rail, they fled to the studio. On the weekend, gossip K took migrant workers J, supervisor l and hermit to San Francisco.

To save time, gossip K and the hermit work late at night on Friday night to contract the hermit's work shed. On Saturday morning, a shuttle bus arrived in San Francisco. Gossip K also went to take a bath in the middle of the night. After washing, I was very happy to say that the bath towel was good. The room service here seems good. The hermit smiled, eldest brother. There were two stacks of bath towels, which was like this when I checked in. I used only one of them and spent more than two months, at least two months have not moved the stack. Gossip K immediately fell short ......
On Saturday morning, our men started driving along highway 101 and passed through the office buildings of many IT companies. As an IT migrant worker, the hermit must take photos of the project and keep them as a souvenir, this is the famous detoxifying school selling coffee in the martial arts.

This is the old nest of the famous Sun door in Wulin, and its own Java boxing is famous all over the world.

This is the site of Yahoo, the famous gossip base in Wulin.

This is the famous oracle construction team in Wulin. It specializes in building various warehouses and safes.

On the right, the three-chao elders in the martial arts group called the ipeimen, a great blue monster. I heard that they sent migrant workers on a business trip for $1000 a day.

Not much will come to the San Francisco urban-rural junction, and gossip K will live in this area, which is often seen in movies in San Francisco. There are a lot of parking rules here. The car on the slope must make the steering wheel oblique, mainly to prevent the car from slipping. I heard that the car should have a ticket if it doesn't stop like this.

We first came to the home of gossip K. The old beans, old mothers, and wives of gossip K were extremely enthusiastic. The hermit laughed at Cantonese with the opportunity, and the old man praised the Cantonese of the hermit. We stood on the balcony and looked into the distance. The scenery was quite good. It was a small building in the mountains. There are also many similar buildings in Shanghai, but the vast majority of small buildings in Shanghai want to have dozens of households, which is a slums. The so-called living space determines the space of human nature, don't blame a lot of shanghaiese for their excellent care, because their living space is too small. Some people only have 7 square meters of space in a family of four, so how can they get a lot of data. This is quite good. A building is a house, with several buckets and a garden.
The old bean and mother of gossip K say that this House is endless. The land of this House is nothing more than the broken house of the poorest middle peasants. I was lucky to buy a broken house. When the San Francisco earthquake hit the ground, the house was basically okay because the ground was on the hill. They also talked about the project that Liu Xiang endorsed in Shanghai. The Chinese world knows that many people are going to go back to the building. Alas, in the era of domestic real estate profiteering, this will inevitably help overseas Chinese. If there is another earthquake in San Francisco, the domestic property price will not be higher.

Speaking of the garden, let's look down. The yard is big enough.

After a short rest, gossip K took them on his new car and drove down the pashan Road. What's the new car? This was a long story. One morning, gossip K came in, saying it was a crash and the car was completely scrapped. Fortunately, no one was hurt at all, and the hermit had to praise the car. Gossip K shouted lucky. the more fun it is, the less it looks like just escaping from the dead. After the car is scrapped, the insurance company will lose money, he made thousands of dollars on his own to buy a good car that he had been happy with for a long time. Now, I heard that this car costs about 20 thousand US dollars, and thousands of dollars can be bought. This is not easy to deal.

They climbed up the hill with their cars and did not know where to go. Gossip K said that people from mainland China will go around this place. If they don't go, they won't be in San Francisco.

At the top of the hill, the answer was revealed. Originally called twin peeks, it was the best attraction to see the whole of San Francisco. The hermit and gossip K laughed at him and asked him how to use Cantonese in his mountain? He had no idea for a long time. The hermit told him in cantonese that he was called ShuangFeng Mountain, and there was a ShuangFeng Road in Shanghai. He thinks it's a good taste. What if it's single peek? The hermit suggested that he go to "Lin Hai Xueyuan"...

The best view of the ShuangFeng mountains is the observation deck, which is surrounded by many tour groups.

There is a communication tower behind the observation deck, which seems to provide broadcasting and television signals from San Francisco. There is a huge parking lot between the communication tower and the observation deck. Many buses are parked there, and the bus drivers are listening to each other.

This is the high-rise group in the center of San Francisco.

Jinmen Bridge, which everyone knows, is red in the distance, and a large green area near it is Jinmen Park.

There is a bay area in the distance, and a dog near it. After reading it carefully, it is in the lower left corner. On the right side of the dog is its host. They seem to have come to the gym. Let's take a look. They climbed up from the head and then slipped down from the end.

The back slope is a large residential area. The hermit understands that there are no other tall buildings in San Francisco except the extremely limited buildings in the city center. Unlike Shanghai, there are tall buildings everywhere, which are quite depressing, every year, subway users have an enhanced connection.
After a long time in the ShuangFeng mountains, we got on the bus and ran to the next scenic spot.
Let's take a look at the future.
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