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Silk Road financial game platform customized development, ( Miss Yang:136-0279-9492 Micro / electricity ) Silk Road system development platform, Silk Road project development, Silk Road model customization, Silk Road system app software development , Silk Road system software development

First, how to join the Silk Road

new members need to spend declarations yuan to the superior Agent activation account, activated account after the account has a silkworms to reclaim land !

after activating the account, the new member will be able to take part in the daily 2.5% split by using the account silkworms to reclaim a piece of land !

Second, static income:

  silkworms reclaimed land, every day 2.5% split income, daily can get 7-n , silkworms 1 yuan A, static start of the day 7-n , later on the day multiplied, one months on about three, two months about, March 2400 around, fourth month 4800 around, silkworms can buy and sell, in their own orchard compounding in production, can give direct push declarations, can go to the company mall, with silkworms to buy goods.

Third, dynamic benefits:

1, recommended friends reward: Direct Push generation rewards daily split feeding earnings 5% 4% , Direct push active user ( reclaimed land ) 3 Span style= "Font-family:calibri" >10% bonus while increasing daily split rate 0.1%

  2, Direct push effective ( reclaimed land ) every increase in the number of people, the award of 1 cartoon characters increase Day split 0.1%, increase 0.4%, while each cartoon character can upgrade, each upgrade consumes up to silkworms, upgrade success rate 20%, increase 0.1% Day split rate after successful upgrade.

Iv. Details of earnings:

1 "Direct Push 1-9 people: Daily split rate 5% 4%!

  2, Direct push 10-19 people: Daily split 2.7%, at the same time can receive a generation of daily income 5%, the second generation of daily Income 4%, and receive a 10% of 3 generations of daily earnings per generation

  3, Direct push 20-29 people: Daily split 2.8%, dynamic income with "2"!

  4, Direct push 30-39 people: Daily split 2.9%, dynamic income with "2"!

  5, Direct push 40-n people: Daily split 3.0%, dynamic income with "2"!

Silk Road Financial game platform customized development platform, enterprise management system customization, split system, if you want to develop a similar platform can contact me, Miss Yang:136-0279-9492,QQ: 1115644612,micro-electricity, the internet age, change quickly, you do not seize the opportunity, you can lose. Hurry up and move on.

Silk Road app Silk Road app development

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