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Silver Fox through the open platform of Taobao API, you can download all the transactions in the store, including distributors of the transaction; The purpose of downloading orders is to deal with orders, the main operations are: bulk dozen orders, bulk shipments, bulk conversion out of the library, sellers notes.

Order Download

1, into the application desktop, click the "Order Management" icon, or directly to "F9", as shown in the following figure

2, enter the "Order Management" window, the default display three days after the creation of orders, you can modify the query criteria to query the order

 Batch List

1), in the "Order Management" window to select the order to print, click the "Bulk print" button

2, into filling out a single window, the option page to display each message information, you can easily switch between different messages

Print the Express list in the order indicated by the number ordinal of the figure above:

① fill in the sender and the receiving party information, the sender and the receiving party information will be automatically filled according to the transaction information, can also be further modified, carefully check the recipient's information is correct and complete;

② Choose Express Single template, the system default built-in more than 10 kinds of common Express single general template, you can also customize your own template

③ Select a printer, print an express list to select the stylus printer, and adjust the offset of the printer in advance.

④ began to print, here you can choose to print a single page, you can also choose to print bulk, regardless of which type of printing, please check the printer is ready, express single whether by inserting good.

 Bulk Shipments

1, in the "Order Management" window hook selected orders to be shipped, and fill out the express number and express Company, the following figure

2, click on the "Bulk delivery" button, the system will be the first online order to carry out the delivery, if more than online under the list of the range, will automatically become their own contact logistics mode of delivery.

 Batch out of the library

1, in the "Order Management" window in the hook to the order to be out of the library, click the "batch out of the library" button

2), the choice of goods out of the warehouse, and the way to merge

There are three combinations to choose from, the default is to choose a buyer of the same name merged out of the library, select a good click on the "Confirm" button to continue

3 If the goods in the order are not synchronized with the local product inventory, you will be prompted to fail the library, as shown in the following figure:

Come out with this hint, then do the "stock synchronization binding" to the local product and store the baby to bind good relations.

4, if the product has been bound to the relationship, then it will be the following tips:

This means that the library has been successful, but did not take effect, waiting for the warehouse management audit can be effective.

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