Silverlight 2.0 Study Notes-advantages of RIAs

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One of the main advantages of RIAs is that it provides user interface behavior that is only impossible for HTML controls in standard browser-based Web applications. Use the RIA platform and Web applicationsProgramInstead of being limited by what the browser can do, the browser can execute any user interaction supported by the RIA platform, such as drag-and-drop behavior, smooth animation, and client computing.

The following are other performance advantages provided by the RIAs Client Engine:

1. Customer server balance

RIAs converts the computing resources of Web applications from the server to the client, releasing the resources on the server so that the same server hardware can process more concurrent user calls. On the other hand, this method requires users to have a powerful ability to execute complex clients.CodeIn general, there is no problem.

2. Asynchronous Communication

The RIA Client Engine can perform Asynchronous interaction with the server, that is, it does not need to wait for a user to execute behaviors such as clicking a button or link. This feature enables the RIA designer to move data between the user's PC and server without waiting for the completion of data transmission, similar to the functions provided by Ajax.

3. network efficiency

Network Transmission on the RIA platform can also be significantly reduced. The Client Engine of special applications is more intelligent than the standard web browser when deciding what data to exchange with the server, reducing data transmission for each interaction can increase the speed of individual requests and responses, thus reducing the heavy load on the network. However, the use of asynchronous pre-extraction technology may offset or reverse this potential advantage. Because the Code cannot correctly predict the next operation of each user, pre-extraction of data is common, but in fact many users do not need it at all.

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