Silverlight C # Game Development: Brilliant particle effects-particle effects (2)

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The effect of using Silverlight as a particle looks good. I think a lot from the previous article, not just limited to games, but also very useful for other applications, this is a small particle control system that can achieve very interesting results. Experts can make a particle control system after a little transformation. Here, can I use this game for fish farming? :)

The code is here: Click to download

The control panel provides some parameters that can be modified at will. For specific production methods, please refer to the Code directly. There is no technical content. Use Blend or VS2010 to adjust the interface layout.

The effect of mouse following,

The cloud effects produced by images, haha, do not look like game poisoning fog. The following effects are several other models. If you are interested, you can study them on your own.


The blog Park is not my personal website. It only posts technical research articles, but focuses on Silverlight itself. Basically, I will attach the source code and demonstration to each of them, I think this is a way to improve the importance of writing details as much as possible. In this process, you can learn from the new readers, isn't that our common purpose? The frog at the bottom of the well is not terrible. The terrible thing is to talk about the idea of the good fortune at the bottom of the well. What about me is just the grasshopper in the Well :)

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