Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 Development Series (1): Environment setup (Reprinted from Jake Lin)

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With the release date of Windows Phone devices approaching, Microsoft's new smart device platform has become increasingly popular. I also switched my focus from Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded ce to Windows Phone development. Therefore, I have compiled a series of Silverlight for Windows Phone 7 Development articles to introduce Silverlight for Windows Phone development in a simple and in-depth manner. This series mainly describes the development process of a network radio. This network radio program involves the use of Silverlight controls, image operations and use, transform and animation ), network Media Playback and so on. At the same time, I will also talk about the differences between Silverlight for Windows Phone and Silverlight 3/4 in the article, and pay attention to the issues during mobile phone development. I hope that by reading this series of articles, you can get started with the development of Silverlight for Windows Phone after completing all the steps in the article.


This article describes how to set up the development environment for Windows Phone 7 and the points of attention during the setup.


Environment Construction System Requirements

For Windows Phone 7 development, the development computer must meet the following requirements:

* One of the two operating systems: Windows 7 and Windows Vista SP2. Both operating systems do not support the simple version (Starter Edition) and require a more advanced version.
* The system disk has more than 3 GB space.
* The memory size reaches 2 GB or above.
* A display card compatible with DirectX 10 is installed with the wddm 1.1 driver.
During xNa development, the Windows Phone simulator supports GPU hardware acceleration. Therefore, the DirectX 10 compatible display card and the wddm 1.1 driver must be installed. Because Windows Phone simulators use virtual machines themselves, other virtual machines such as virtual PC and hyper-V cannot be used.

TIPS: Do not use virtual machines.

A collection of included tools

The tool set for installing Windows Phone developer tools is as follows:
* Visual Studio 2010 express for Windows Phone Beta
* Windows Phone emulator Beta
* Silverlight for Windows Phone Beta
* Microsoft Expression blend for Windows Phone Beta
* XNa game studio 4.0 Beta
Visual maxcompute 2010 express for Windows Phone BetaIs an integrated development environment (IDE) for Windows Phone. It includes the C # And XAML code editing functions, simple interface layout and design functions, compilation programs, and connection to the Windows Phone simulator, deploy programs and Debug programs. Microsoft provides free versions of Visual Studio and SQL Server for developers and users, allowing users to use them freely. For more information about Visual Studio express and SQL Server Express, see how to develop Silverlight 4 using Visual Studio express 2010 and

SQL Server express and SQL Server compact applications.

Windows Phone emulator BetaIt is a Windows Phone simulator. developers can continue to develop Windows Phone applications without real devices. The content of this series of articles is based on the Windows Phone simulator, therefore, learning this series of articles does not require the support of real devices.

However, the current version of the simulator does not have much to do and has certain limitations.
Can do

The program that runs Silverlight for Windows Phone.
Run the xNa for Windows Phone program.

Cannot do

Without a phone simulator (cellar emulator), you cannot make or receive phone calls, nor send or receive text messages.
Without a GPS simulator, you cannot automatically generate GPS simulation data.
The simulation data of the accelerometer simulator is not updated and is always kept as a matrix (0, 0,-1), indicating that the simulator has never been moved.
Built-in lenses cannot be simulated.
The simulator does not contain the webbrowser control.

I think Microsoft will soon add corresponding simulation functions. Some functions of the Windows Mobile simulator cannot be simulated at the beginning, in the future, external programs will be added to support related simulation functions.

Silverlight for Windows Phone BetaAndXNa game studio 4.0 Beta. Windows Phone 7 supports Silverlight and xNa development. developers can choose Silverlight or xNa for development. In general, Silverlight is used to develop applications and xNa for game development. However, there are no restrictions. You can also use Silverlight to develop games, or even use two technologies for collaborative development at the same time. The Visual Studio 2010 express for Windows Phone introduced in the article is just an IDE. In short, it is a powerful editing and compilation tool that has nothing to do with language and platform. You must work with Silverlight for Windows Phone and xNa game studio 4.0 to use Visual Studio 2010 express for Windows Phone to develop Silverlight and xNa programs. Silverlight for Windows Phone and xNa game studio 4.0 both contain program templates, built-in class libraries, and other components.

Microsoft Expression blend for Windows Phone BetaIt is a powerful XAML uidesign tool. Expression blend can be used to supplement the UI design functions that Visual Studio 2010 express lacks, such as animation. When developing a Silverlight program, you can use Visual Studio 2010 express and expression blend to collaborate and integrate them seamlessly.


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