Silverlight quick development platform-Overall Framework Design

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The quick development platform aimsConfiguration SoftwareInstead of developing software

You only need to configure the interface you want on the configuration platform, such as the fields you want, the controls they are specific to, the emission sequence, the display width, and so on. In short, you can use the logic of code control.

All are abstracted as configuration attributes. You don't need to worry about how to implement them. Your task is to clearly describe what kind of screen you want or define the actions of a button, define what the data type of her request looks like (encapsulate different request data through different data types)

These configuration releases are an XML

The development platform provides a driver to drive these configurations to dynamically generate images and processing logic.

Note: This is different from the general platform. The development platform dynamically creates a screen during running, so that the configuration changes can take effect immediately.

Where is the configuration? Stored in the database, so that you can flexibly adjust or even modify software in batches.

The process of developing software becomes the process of Data Maintenance

For example, 80% of software development is done by standard components, that is, code is reduced by 80%.

Any platform is not omnipotent. In line with the pragmatic principle, there must be sufficient interfaces for developers to customize extensions.


What do we think about software development?

Even complex systems are composed of pages.

Implementation of the quick development platform

Analysis Software commonalities: componentization

Software Personality Analysis: configuration-based

Finally, our current configuration platform

The configuration platform encapsulates the technology. Here you release your configuration in the standard XML format.

We will develop an ASP. NET driver to drive your configuration to an ASP. NET page.

We will develop the Silverlight driver to drive your configuration into the Silverlight screen.

You can develop driver for other development languages in the future.


For example, it usually takes 5 minutes to develop a basic data program.

I am a lazy person, and our configurations can still be shared. There is no need to repeat the wheel.

Latest Research Results

It takes 0 minutes to develop a basic document, which means you only need to configure the menu.

The next article explains why a page is developed from 5 minutes to 0 minutes.

Stay tuned for the next article


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