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Developed based on silverlight4, WebOS (Silverlight web operating system) is developed using silverlight4 + sqlserver2005.

Function Introduction: Implements B/S, C/S, and other applications for enterprise customers.ProgramThe platform is integrated to achieve unified user identity authentication and user data sharing, and to achieve real-time user information interaction and integration.

Main features:

1. A 3D window like Windows 7 is displayed and closed, and its effect can be customized and expanded.

2. Implement Multi-Window and sub-window operation relationships, implement drag-and-drop operations on files and folders, and save them to the database.

3. records user operations and moves forward and backward.

4. provides a window for searching and searching file programs.

5. Shared and evaluated messages between users and custom upload programs.

6. The administrator configures the WebOS of the user and reviews the programs uploaded by the user.

7. Windows 7-like taskbar management and operations are implemented.

8. Multiple users can log on to the session simultaneously.

9. supports unlimited operation interface skin customization and scalability.

10. animation effects such as the interface, mouse, and background are implemented and can be expanded.

11. It records all user operations, stores databases, and error logs.

12. Right-click the menu and customize tooltip.

Because there are too many functions, it is inconvenient to list them all.

Figure 1: logon page

Figure 2: Apple style


Figure 3: Average Desktop

This Silverlight WebOS interface is highly scalable and has outstanding interface effects. If you are interested, contact the Silverlight team of Fengyun.

QQ: 372900288 MSN:

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