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For beginners to use the PHP class, built to do when the station more packaging into a class, modular, so the program will be much clearer.

A very simple PHP class, in fact, what kind of things, I also say that is not clear, white is a lot of functions are set. Put it together in a piece of work. By following this simple example, I am sure you will use the PHP class.

Example (use method):

Define a class with a class named Test
Class Test
var $id;
var $main;
function SetID ($id) {
$this->id = $id;
function Setmain ($main) {
$this->main = $main;
function GetID () {
return $this->id;
function Getmain () {
return $this->main;
function Returninfo () {
$returninfo = $this->id;
$returninfo = $returninfo. ': ';
$returninfo. = $this->main;
$returninfo. = ' <br> ';
return $returninfo;


How to use
$testinfo = new Test;
$testinfo->setid (1);
$testinfo->setmain (' Test content Astifen ');
echo $testinfo->returninfo ();

$testinfo->setid (2);
$testinfo->setmain (' Test content Astifen Astifen ');
echo $testinfo->returninfo ();

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