Simple application of Viewpager

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The simple use of the Viewpager cycle, such as a large number of Viewpager, Basepageradapter cannot be very large data, can be used in a circular way to solve, Viewpager will always preload the back interface, So let the control itself find the view and the data

package cn.new1.cloudnurse.pregnancy.main.adapter;public class wikipediapageradapter  extends basepageradapter{     //layout of the view private list<scrollview>  contentViewList = new LinkedList<ScrollView> (); private int  Number of pagercount;    //loops  Context context;  public  Wikipediapageradapter (Context context, int pagercount)  {  this.context =  context;  this.pagerCount = pagerCount;// * 2;  for  (int  i = 0; i < pagercount; i++)  {   ScrollView  scrollview =   (ScrollView)  view.inflate (context, r.layout.wikipedia_pager_item,  NULL);    contentviewlist.add (ScrollView);  } }  wikipediadata  date;  @Override  public void draw(INT&NBSP;ARG0,&NBSP;OBJECT&NBSP;ARG1)  {//  wikipediadata date;  try {    jsonobject jsonobject = new jsonobject (String) arg1);    Date = new wikipediadata (); = jsonobject.optstring (" CurrentDate ");    date.babychange = jsonobject.optstring (" V_baby_changes ");    date.momchange = jsonobject.optstring ("V_mom_changes");       showview (date);  } catch  (jsonexception e)  {    E.printstacktrace ();   }   }  private void showview (final  Wikipediadata date) {  //Gets the view of the corresponding data and then loads the data display   ScrollView scrollView =  Contentviewlist.get (Date.index%pagercount);    datetv =  (TextView)   Scrollview.findviewbyid (;  &nbSp;babychangetv = findview.byid (scrollview,;  });     datetv.settext (;   babychangetv.settext (Date.babychange); }       @Override  public int getcount ()  {  return  pregnancyparam.gestational_day_count;    //countless to ensure that the number of Viewpager can always accumulate  }  @Override  public boolean isviewfromobject (view view, object obj)  {  return  view == obj; } private textview datetv;   //Date  private  textview babychangetv; //Baby Change    public static int indexcurrent  = 0;  @Override  public object instantiateitem (view view, int  Index)  {  //view  viewgroup parent =  (ViewGroup) to initialize   Contentviewlist.get (Index%pagercount). GetParent ();             wikipediadb db = new &NBSP;WIKIPEDIADB (context);   wikipediadata tmpdata = db.getcontactlist (index+ "");     if  (parent != null)  {    //cyclic queue loading   Partial memory will be the same   It is best to ensure that no adjacent  viewpager memory is cached in real time 3 interfaces      } else {    ( Viewpager)  view). AddView (Contentviewlist.get (Index%pagercount), 0);  }     Indexcurrent = index%pagercount;    return contentviewlist.get (index% Pagercount); }  @Override  public void destroyitem (View view, int index,  object obj)  {   ((Viewpager)  view). Removeview (Contentviewlist.get (index% Pagercount))   //remove view }   @Override  public int getitemposition (Object  object)  {  //&nbsp todo auto-generated method stub  return position_unchanged; }  }

Simple application of Viewpager

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