Simple configuration of DRBD shared storage

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Install DRBD yum Install GCC flex rpm-build kernel-devel-yrpmbuild ~ #在家目录生成 rpmbuild required path for compiling CP drbd-8.4.0.tar.gz RPMBUILD/SOURC Es/tar zxf drbd-8.4.0.tar.gzcd drbd-8.4.0./configure--enable-spec--WITH-KMRPMBUILD-BB Dr

Installing DRBD
yum install gcc flex rpm-build kernel-devel -yrpmbuild ~  #在家目录生成  rpmbuild  compile the required path cp drbd-8.4.0.tar.gz rpmbuild/sources/tar zxf  drbd-8.4.0.tar.gzcd drbd-8.4.0./configure --enable-spec --with-kmrpmbuild -bb  drbd.spec# Compile build  drbd rpm  package rpmbuild -bb drbd-km.spec  #编译  drbd  kernel module CD  ~/rpmbuild/rpms/x86_64rpm -ivh * Copy the generated  rpm  package to another host and install the package: scp ~/rpmbuild/rpms/x86 _64/* 

Configure the Drbd.res file/ETC/DRBD/DRBD

resresource mysqldata {        meta-disk internal;         device /dev/drbd1;         syncer {                 verify-alg sha1;        }on demo {         DISK /DEV/VDB; /DRBD the storage disk to be used          address;} on remote {        disk /vdb;         address;}}   operations performed by two hosts d rbdadm create-md mysqldata/ etc/init.d/drbd start cat / PROC/DRBD can view the status   to set  demo  as  primary  node on demo and synchronize data: (in  demo  host executes the following command) Drbdsetup /dev/drbd1 prImary --force View sync status on two hosts: WATCH CAT /PROC/DRBD file system After data synchronization: MKFS.EXT4 /DEV/DRBD1 Mount File system: Mount /dev/drbd1 /var/lib/mysql then in the HTML the new file will be saved to synchronize on another server first need to be on the demo/dev/drbd1  Uninstall demo set to Secondary drbdadm secondary mysqldataremote on execute  drbdadm primary  Mysqldatadrbdadm primary mysqldatamount /dev/drbd1 /var/lib/mysql can be implemented in synchronous database operation

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Simple configuration of DRBD shared storage

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