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Database comparison

Program  discuzX3        phpwind8        phpBB3          
PHP request 5.1+ (5.3 best)   4.3+            5.3+
Database  250           250 Sheets            67
Data Engine MYISAM         MYISAM          MYISAM
Table rules  

1. Code specifications and quality Discuz superior to Phpwind
2.phpwind has now started to charge, the payment can be downloaded
3.discuz is still the dollar symbol that continues to occupy jquery, why you are so confident and stubborn.
4.discuz phpwind contrast phpBB appears bloated and huge
5. The greatest feature of the Chinese people is diligence, all the functions of the Yigujin to the program inside add, with the function of piling out to the door, is still all-inclusive route, the user has also produced aesthetic fatigue. the more simple things the more powerful , modern fast-paced society, everyone is impetuous, too many functions of data table, maintenance is not easy to grasp the user's pain point, a forum users need what medals and things like that. Discuz seems so large and complex. Conversely, the DZ6 version of the interface is still the most popular.

The individual is not to play this kind of website. With the demise of personal webmaster, Discuz's popularity has already subsided.

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