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Computer shutdown Slow Reason there are two: one is the hardware configuration is not good, the other is the system does not do a good job optimization settings! Today, the small part of the system is going to tell you how to speed up system shutdown through system optimization settings.

1, Start-> Control Panel-> Power Options-> enable advanced power management.

2, look at the computer Device Manager to see if there is a driver problem with the hardware equipment, if so, reinstall the relevant driver.

3, disk defragmentation. My Computer--right-click the drive that you want to defragment disk-> Properties-> tool-> Select the sorted disk open the Disk Defragmenter window-> analysis-> defragmentation-> system will start sorting, and the system notifies you when it is finished.

4, shutdown the computer before all the procedures are closed, and then shutdown.

5, open the Optimization master-> system performance Optimization-> disk cache optimization-> Remove the "Win Shutdown automatic cleanup page file" front of the hook.

6, do not load DLL file. At [Start]->[run]-> type [regedit]-hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftwindowscurrentversionexplorer, Create a Double-byte value named Alwaysunloaddll with a value of 1. If you want to get rid of this optimization, just set the key value to 0.

7. Disable "NVIDIA Driver Helper service, which we generally do not need, and it will occupy a lot of system resources." The shutdown method is to open the Control Panel-> Administrative Tools-> Service, locate and right-click the Nvidia Driver Helper service entry in the pop-up window, select Properties, and in the Drop-down list box that has been started, select disabled.

8, modify the registry switch machine: In [Start]->[run]-> type [regedit]->[hkey_current_user]-> [Controlpanel]->[desktop], the string value [ Hungapptimeout] to [200], change the numeric data of the string value [Waittokillapptimeout] to 1000. In addition, in [hkey_local_machine]->[system]-> [Currentcontrolset]->[control] To change the value data of the string value [Hungapptimeout] to [200], and the string value [WaitToKillServiceTimeout] numeric data changes 1000.

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