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Easydoc, a simple, fast tool for generating documents.

Easydoc pronunciation [ˈiziˈdɑk] Voice file

Interaction and communication

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    • Github: ... Welcome to star it

Software Updates and Downloads

Download the software from here (the compressed package needs to extract the software files.) )

Only one software file is done, no installation, no other dependencies, support Microsoft System computer, Apple System computer, Linux system computer.

How to update the software: Please overwrite the old software files with the new software files after downloading.

Easydoc uses Go language development, is open source software, you can use the source code to compile. In fact, you don't have to do this, we have compiled and optimized software to download.

Use of the command line

Make sure the Easydoc software file has executable permissions!

When the software file is in the current directory:
Windows System $ easydoc -version
Unix-like systems such as Mac,linux systems. Notice that there is./) $ ./easydoc -version
You can place the Easydoc software files in the Global Environment Directory (recommended) and use them anywhere directly $ easydoc -version .

Easydoc currently supported commands:

don't forget that there are dashes in front of the order!

-initInitializing the document structure
-buildGenerate document
-serverStart the Web service (can be used with [or not with] port -port and path -path , default port is -port 80 , default path is dist directory -path ./dist )
-emptydistEmptying the Dist directory
-helpHelp documentation
-versionView Easydoc version

The generated static files are placed in the dist directory, directly using or copying the directory when the site directory.

Basic directory Structure

-initautomatically generated using commands

 ├──dist//Publish directory ├──CONFIG│  └──CONFIG.TOML//config file, use toml syntax ├──src//Writing directory: Store. MD Source (must, support multilevel subdirectory writing) │  ├──INDEX.MD//home (not required, but recommended) │  ├──no-asset-folder.txt//Avoid conflicts, Tip SRC directory use asset and static subdirectory │  └──no-static-folder.txt├──static//Static file directory, this directory will be fully copied to the publishing directory (you can use it flexibly for file layout) └── Theme//template directory (supports multiple sets of templates) └──default//default This set of default templates ├──css│  └──style.css//template CSS files (no use of soft Default) ├──js│  └──app.js//Template JS file (not using software default) ├──DOC.TPL//document template (not using software default) └── MENU.TPL//Menu templates (menu generation in order, see instructions below) ├──easydoc.exe//software files (must, recommended in the Global Environment directory)  
    • 源文件使用 Markdown 语法编写。Writing is in the SRC directory, support multi-level sub-directory writing (hint: SRC directory with asset and static subdirectories carefully).
    • The resulting web page link path is incorrect and can be corrected using CONFIG.TOML's Fixlink item (absolute path is better).
    • Menu Generation by order: MENU.TPL Menu Template content is not empty > config.toml scanfile array is not empty (link title is set title) > automatically scans. md files under the SRC directory (the link title is a file name with no suffix).
    • Document generation by order: CONFIG.TOML's scanfile array is not empty (title of document is set caption) > automatically scans. md files under the SRC directory (file name with no suffix in the document title).
    • CONFIG.TOML scanfile Array Fill in the format:
scanFile = [    ["链接标题", "以src目录为基准的src开头的对应.md文件路径(支持外链)"],    ["首页", "src/"],    ["XXX页", "src/sub/"],]


Github: ... Welcome to star it
Suggest or help us improve: Submit a issue to us or submit a pull request to us.

Command Action Example motion diagram

Who is using Easydoc

You are welcome to provide the use of Easydoc website, convenient for us to ingest.

    • Easydoc Document Center
    • Wu Yumin website
    • Mongolian Tears website
    • AH good
    • internet
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