Simple fragment transfer of data, two buttons to achieve a switch

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Very simple two button implementation added in the data, in fact, two are the same only changed a URL ...

Do the comparison low. Please understand//the nonsense does not say above figure ~

The second button I'm not going to figure out the same as this one.

Can see two buttons to achieve the switch, the button I do not set the background and the selected color, is normal white and then click Switch Fragment.

I do not use this switch ViewPage, is to click the button to switch fragment and content

Attach the XML file first

Main layout:

is a radiogroup inside a set of two buttons, Radiogrouo inside the horizontal must write not write will cause button buttons no things

<radiogroup android:id= "@+id/rg" android:layout_width= "match_parent" android:layout_height= "50DP" Andro id:orientation= "Horizontal" > <radiobutton android:id= "@+id/btn_liuxing" Android:layout_widt H= "0DP" android:layout_weight= "1" android:layout_height= "Match_parent" android:text= "popular" a
        ndroid:button= "@null" android:gravity= "center" android:textsize= "20sp"/> <radiobutton Android:id= "@+id/bent_remen" android:layout_width= "0DP" android:layout_weight= "1" android:l
        ayout_height= "Match_parent" android:text= "hot" android:textsize= "20sp" android:button= "@null" android:gravity= "center"/> </RadioGroup> <framelayout android:id= "@+id/fl" android:layout _width= "Match_parent" android:layout_height= "match_parent" android:layout_below= "@+id/rg" ></FrameLayout >
Main layout code: Inside is the declaration fragment radiogroup Click Switch

Full use of V4 package

Import Android.os.Bundle;

Import Android.widget.RadioGroup;

    public class Mainactivity extends Appcompatactivity {//Fragment layout fill prepare//Fragment Manager Object Private Fragmentmanager manager;
    Fragment performer object private fragmenttransaction ft;
    Two button click event Initialization private Radiogroup RG;
    Private fragment_liuxing liuxing;

    Private Fragment_remen remen;
        @Override protected void OnCreate (Bundle savedinstancestate) {super.oncreate (savedinstancestate);
        Setcontentview (R.layout.activity_main);
        Initialize Control RG = (Radiogroup) Findviewbyid (R.ID.RG);
        Fragment Manager Object manager = Getsupportfragmentmanager ();
        Fragment Performer Object ft = manager.begintransaction (); Liuxing = new fragment_liuxing ();
        Remen = new Fragment_remen ();
        The first page shows Ft.add (R.ID.FL, liuxing);

        Submit Event Ft.commit ();
            Radiogroup Click event Rg.setoncheckedchangelistener (New Radiogroup.oncheckedchangelistener () {@Override
                public void OnCheckedChanged (Radiogroup radiogroup, int i) {ft = Manager.begintransaction ();
                        switch (i) {///The first button toggles case
                        Here to write the replacement ft.replace (R.ID.FL, liuxing);
                        The second button toggles case (R.ID.FL, remen);
            }//must write without writing will cause the Whiteboard to have nothing ft.commit (); }
Fragment popular main layout code:

Network access is available using a third-party framework Okhttp copied and pasted into the app

Import Android.os.Bundle;
Import Android.os.Handler;
Import Android.os.Message;
Import Android.util.Log;
Import Android.view.LayoutInflater;
Import Android.view.View;
Import Android.view.ViewGroup;

Import Android.widget.ListView;
Import Com.squareup.okhttp.Call;
Import Com.squareup.okhttp.Callback;
Import com.squareup.okhttp.OkHttpClient;
Import Com.squareup.okhttp.Request;

Import Com.squareup.okhttp.Response;

Import java.util.List;

 /** * Created by Administrator on 2016/10/8.
    */public class Fragment_liuxing extends fragment {//Get ListView private ListView LV;
    Private list<musicinfo> List;
    Build adapter private baseadapter_liuxing adapter;  Handler Async Private Handler Handler = new Handler () {@Override public void Handlemessage (Message msg)
     {       Switch (msg.what) {case 1:string str = (String) msg.obj;
                    List = Parserjson.getparserjson (str);
                    adapter = new Baseadapter_liuxing (list,getactivity ());
                    Suitable for lv.setadapter (adapter);
    }; @Nullable @Override public View oncreateview (Layoutinflater inflater, @Nullable viewgroup container, @Nullable Bun
        Dle savedinstancestate) {View view = Inflater.inflate (R.layout.fragment_liuxing,null);
        Initialize control LV = (ListView) View.findviewbyid (;
    return view;
        }//This method is no different from the previous one, @Override public void onactivitycreated (@Nullable Bundle savedinstancestate) {
        Super.onactivitycreated (savedinstancestate);
    Getokttp (); }//Network access third-party framework (OKHTTP): Compile ' com.squareup.okhttp:okhttp:2.7.5 ' public void gEtokttp () {okhttpclient client = new Okhttpclient ();
        Request Request = new Request.builder (). URL (contanst.url). build ();
        Call call = Client.newcall (request); Call.enqueue (New Callback () {//download failed @Override public void onfailure (Request request,
            IOException e) {log.i ("tag", "Download Failed");
                }//download succeeded @Override public void Onresponse (Response Response) throws IOException {
                String json = Response.body (). String ();
                Message message = new Message ();
                Pass message.what = 1;
                Message.obj = JSON;
            Handler.sendmessage (message);

Fragment Adapter Code:

Import Android.content.Context;
Import Android.util.Log;
Import Android.view.LayoutInflater;
Import Android.view.View;
Import Android.view.ViewGroup;
Import Android.widget.BaseAdapter;
Import Android.widget.ImageView;

Import Android.widget.TextView;

Import Com.bumptech.glide.Glide;

Import java.util.List;

 /** * Created by Administrator on 2016/10/8.
    */public class Baseadapter_liuxing extends Baseadapter {private list<musicinfo> List;

    Private context context;
        Public baseadapter_liuxing (list<musicinfo> List, Context context) {This.context = context;
    This.list = list;
    } @Override public int getcount () {return list.size ();
    } @Override public Object getItem (int i) {return list.get (i);
    } @Override public long getitemid (int i) {return i;
    } Viewholder holder = null; @Override public view GetView (int position, view Convertview,ViewGroup parent) {if (Convertview = = null) {Layoutinflater layoutinflater = Layoutinflater.from (cont
            Convertview = Layoutinflater.inflate (r.layout.liuxing_item,null);
            Holder = new Viewholder ();
            HOLDER.IV = (ImageView) Convertview.findviewbyid (;
            Holder.tv_title = (TextView) Convertview.findviewbyid (;
            Holder.tv_author = (TextView) Convertview.findviewbyid (; Holder.tv_time = (

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