Simple implementation of inverted indexes and simple implementation of inverted Indexes

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Simple implementation of inverted indexes and simple implementation of inverted Indexes
Simple implementation of inverted index
Inverted index is a common algorithm in search engines. It is mainly used to implement full text searching and to establish mappings between keywords and documents. Many powerful functions are built on this basis, for a detailed description of Inverted Index, see Wikipedia. The following is based on your own ideas, just to understand the operation of this data structure. Todo: If you want to search for a complete sentence such as "what is it", you can search for these words separately and then see the result of the continuous location of the same file. This is a set operation.
Package mythought. invertedindex;Import java. io. BufferedReader;Import java. io. FileReader;Import java. util. HashMap;Import java. util. HashSet;Import java. util. Map;Import java. util. Set;Public class InvertedIndex {// Key word <----> doc filePrivateMap <String, Set <String> indexs =NewHashMap <String, Set <String> (); // It is assumed that all files are small files.Public VoidAddFile (String fileName, String content) {String [] words = content. split ("");For(IntI = 0; I <words. length; I ++) {String word = words [I]; // only record first appeared position Set <String> wordIndex = indexs. get (word );If(WordIndex =Null) {WordIndex =NewHashSet <String> (); indexs. put (word, wordIndex);} wordIndex. add ("(" + fileName + "," + I + ")");}}Public VoidAddFile (String fileName)ThrowsException {BufferedReader br =NewBufferedReader (NewFileReader (fileName ));Try{StringBuilder sb =NewStringBuilder (); String line = br. readLine ();While(Line! =Null) {Sb. append (line); sb. append (""); // each line is directly connected to line = br. readLine ();}This. AddFile (fileName, sb. toString ());}Catch(Exception e) {e. printStackTrace ();}Finally{Br. close ();}}PublicSet <String> search (String keyword) {Set <String> results = indexs. get (keyword );Return NewHashSet <String> (results );}Public Static VoidMain (String [] args)ThrowsException {InvertedIndex test =NewInvertedIndex (); test. addFile ("file1", "hello fuck world todotodo"); test. addFile ("file2", "go to get it if you want it"); test. addFile ("C:/data/hello.txt"); System.Out. Println (test. search ("it"); System.Out. Println (test. search ("you"); System.Out. Println (test. search ("vonzhou "));}}
Running result: [(file2, 7), (file2, 3)] [(file2, 5)] [(C:/data/hello.txt, 4)]
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