Simple implementation of submitting form content to emails

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<Form name = formname action = "sendok. asp? Url = test. asp & mailto = ">, url is the page for turning to after submitting the mail, mailto is the submitted mailbox
Example of defining a form item: <input type = text name = customer name>. It is better to obtain the name directly, which will be reflected in the email.
The following is the sendok. asp file code (some unnecessary form information, such as buttons, has been submitted, and can be removed according to the actual situation)
''Use the cdont component to send form information to the mailbox, requiring the server space to support cdont. If it is other components, rewrite
''Url is sent to the url
''Mailto is the name of the target email address to be sent.
Url = request. querystring ("url ")
Mailto0 = request. querystring ("mailto ")
Thisbody = ""
For each I in request. Form
Thisbody = thisbody & I & ":" & request. form (I) & "<br>"
Response. write I & ":" & request. form (I) & "<br>"
Mailfrom0 = mailto0'' here I use mailfrom and mailto. It seems that it doesn't matter.
Call sendmail (mailfrom0, mailto0, "user order", thisbody)
Response. write "<script> alert ('Your order has been submitted! Thank you for choosing '); location. href =' <% = url %> '; </script>"
Function sendmail (mailfrom, mailto, mailsubject, mailbody)
If (mailto <> "" and mailsubject <> "" and mailbody <> "") Then
Dim objmail
Set objmail = server. createobject ("cdonts. newmail ")
Objmail. from = mailfrom
Objmail. to = mailto
Objmail. subject = mailsubject
Objmail. body = mailbody
Objmail. BodyFormat = 0
Objmail. MailFormat = 0
Objmail. send
Set objmail = nothing
Sendmail = 1
Sendmail = 2
End If
End Function

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