Simple iOS demo with Chinese Dictionary or dictionary

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First of all, thank the withered RyuGin NetEase Blog to provide "idiom dictionary" "Xinhua Dictionary" "Chinese Dictionary" interface for use.

Inadvertently found on the Internet a Chinese dictionary interface, so I tested it, found that can be used, thank the great God!!!

Attached Demo:

Mainly used in the way of data parsing, the server is returning JSON data, directly using the classes provided by iOS to parse, this small demo is very simple, directly attached to the source code: (I encapsulated a method, the address of the incoming server and the requested data, back to the main thread update UI)

1 //2 //VIEWCONTROLLER.M3 //Xinhua Dictionary4 //5 //Created by Hukezhu on 15/7/7.6 //Copyright (c) 2015 Hukezhu. All rights reserved.7 //8 9 #import "ViewController.h"Ten #import<AFNetworking.h> One  A @interfaceViewcontroller () -@property (Weak, nonatomic) Iboutlet Uitextfield *Word; -@property (Weak, nonatomic) Iboutlet Uitextfield *Chengyu; the@property (Weak, nonatomic) iboutlet Uitextview *TextView; -@property (Weak, nonatomic) Iboutlet Uitextfield *Ciyu; -  --(Ibaction) Wordclick: (UIButton *) sender; +-(Ibaction) Chengyuclick: (UIButton *) sender; --(Ibaction) Ciyuclick: (UIButton *) sender; +  A @end at  - @implementationViewcontroller -  -  -  -  in- (void) Viewdidload { - [Super Viewdidload]; to      + } -  the  *- (void) Getdictionary:(NSString *) strURL Word: (NSString *) word{ $ Panax NotoginsengNSString *stringurl =strURL; -Afhttprequestoperationmanager *manager =[Afhttprequestoperationmanager manager]; theManager.responseSerializer.acceptableContentTypes =[nsset setwithobjects:@"Application/json",@"Text/json",@"Text/javascript",@"text/html", nil]; +      A[Manager Get:stringurl parameters:@{@"Word": Word} success:^ (Afhttprequestoperation *operation,IDJSON) { the          +NSData *data = [nsjsonserialization Datawithjsonobject:json options:0Error:null]; -  $          $Nsdictionary *dict = [nsjsonserialization jsonobjectwithdata:data options:0Error:null]; -          -  the          -NSString *rootkey =Dict.keyEnumerator.nextObject;WuyiNsarray *array =Dict[rootkey]; the  -          Wu          -nsmutablestring *STRINGM = [nsmutablestringstring]; About          for(Nsdictionary *dict1inchArray) { $  -              for(NSString *keyinchDict1) { -                 if([Key isequaltostring:@"text"]) { -NSString *Object=[Dict1 Objectforkey:key]; A                     //NSLog (@ "%@", object); +[Stringm AppendFormat:@"%@\n",Object]; the                 } -  $             } the         } the          theSelf.textView.text =STRINGM; the} failure:^ (Afhttprequestoperation *operation, Nserror *error) { -NSLog (@"error:%@", error); in     }]; the  the     About } the  the-(Ibaction) Wordclick: (UIButton *) Sender { the      +     //NSLog (@ "Click on the Find button"); -     if(self.word.text) { the[Self getdictionary:@""Word:self.word.text];Bayi     } the      the [Self.view Endediting:yes]; -      -      the } the  the-(Ibaction) Chengyuclick: (UIButton *) Sender { the      -     if(self.chengyu.text) { the[Self getdictionary:@""Word:self.chengyu.text]; the     } the     94 [Self.view Endediting:yes]; the } the  the-(Ibaction) Ciyuclick: (UIButton *) Sender {98      About     if(self.ciyu.text) { -[Self getdictionary:@""Word:self.ciyu.text];101     }102 103     104     //This is the dream of Zhou Gong, but the API can not be used the //if (self.ciyu.text) {106 //[self getdictionary:@][Word:self.ciyu.text];107 //    }108     109 [Self.view Endediting:yes]; the }111 @end

Simple iOS demo with Chinese Dictionary or dictionary

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