Simple Japanese sentences

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1. zookeeper University (あの.
Do you know about that university?
2. Senior Technical Support.
When will your brother graduate?
3. In the private sector, we recommend that you use our own privacy policies.
I will tell your parents as soon as possible
4. During the autumn festival, there are two major problems. All of them are similar.
It's autumn. I don't know if the big guy has changed.
5. there are two possible causes for this problem: too many other users.
From what you said, it seems that the cold is very serious and you must pay more attention to your health.
6. When you have questions, please refer to these questions.
The gentleman told me this question.
7. for private purposes, Wang Xiaoyu is a hacker.
I gave my brother the book that John gave me.
8. Yesterday, he was a private hacker.
I wrote to him yesterday.
9. Senior Vice President Huang Yu is a newbie for many years.
My brother gave me a new pen.
10. He/she provided some information about his/her website, and said that he/she knew how to handle the problem.
She gave me a detailed description with the information

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