Simple Method for debugging credential provider

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1. Use remote debugger of Visual Studio

In the remote debugger folder under the root directory of the installation disk of Widnows, select the appropriate installation file, all the way to next:

After the installation is complete, you can set the settings as follows to facilitate debugging:

(If you have enabled the Windows Firewall, remember to open UDP port 4015. The default port is 4015)

In visual studioselect the additional path, select the logonui.exe process, and click attach:

Next, follow the localCodeSame debugging

2. Use windbg + javasxec for standalone debugging

Psexec is a component in sysinternals suite and can be downloaded at:

Open the command line on the target machine and execute the following command

Export xec-dsx cmd.exe

When you press ctrl-alt-delto switch to another user, logonui.exe is called. Pressing alt-tab will switch to the command prompt:

Windbg-PN logonui.exe-srcpath % Cd %

You can use windbg for debugging.



This method is not as intuitive as the first method, especially for those who are not familiar with windbg. The advantage is that you only need one machine and do not need a virtual machine.



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