Simple Method for tracking multiple time zones in Ubuntu

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Simple Method for tracking multiple time zones in Ubuntu

Whether I want to wake up with a tweet about Australia's chrome book sales sold out, or remember to make a Skype call with half of Ohso's developer Sam Chan, my brain needs to work in multiple time zones at the same time.

There is a problem there. If you know me, you will know that my brain capacity is just like a goldfish, there is a bloated item like Windows Vista (that is, it is not very good ). I can hardly remember what happened before yesterday, or the time difference between my door and the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge!

As a helper, I use widgets and menu items to keep me synchronized. In my regular workday space, I swam between multiple operating systems, covering mobile and desktop systems, but there was only one that allowed me to set the "World Clock" most quickly and conveniently ".

The name is the one we mentioned in the title.

Add world clock to Ubuntu date/time Applet

The default date-time indicator in Unity provides support for adding and viewing multiple time zones without additional components or packages.

  1. Click the clock application and select the 'Time and date settings' entry.
  2. In the 'clock 'tab, select the 'Time from other location' option.
  3. Click Select location.
  4. Click '+' and enter the location name.
Other desktop environments

The default small clock application in KDE Plasma has similar functions. Other functions are as follows:

  1. Right-click the digital clock widget and select 'clock settings'
  2. Click the 'timezone 'item
  3. Enter the city name in the search area
  4. Click confirm'

With the scalability of GNOME Shell, you can see that many world clock options are available. You can use its default schedule to fill the gaps on the left. I personally like 'Multiple times '. The same is true for Cinnamon desktops. Its 'panel parts' warehouse has a wide range of optional components, such as the super smooth "World Clock Calendar ".

Cinnamon 2.4 World Clock calendar

XFCE and LXDE are not so generous. In addition to the built-in "work zone" added to the Panel as multiple clocks, each must be manually configured to specify the location. Both support 'indicator components'. Therefore, if you do not need Unity, you can install/Add a separate date/time indicator.

Budgie is just a startup, not enough to meet the requirements in this corner, because I have not tried Pantheon-I hope you will let me know more through comments.

Desktop applications, parts, and Conky topics

Of course, panel widgets are only one way to store multiple time zones in other countries. If you are not satisfied with access through the panel, there are a variety of desktop applications available, many of which can be used across versions or even cross platforms.

GNOME clock is such an application. In Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and later versions, you can directly install it through the Ubuntu Software Center. Conky is a promising alternative (although I haven't found any premade theme designed for this purpose ), other lightweight Chrome applications such as calendar clock can work in any place where Chrome is installed as a free browser.

Do you also pay attention to the time zone? If so, what applications, methods, or widgets do you use to display them on the top?

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