Simple Nodejs installation and environment configuration under Windows System

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I believe that for many students concerned about the development of JavaScript, Nodejs is not a strange word eye. The relevant information about Nodejs online has been overwhelming. Because of its high concurrency characteristics, it has created its special application status.

At present the highest concern in China, the best maintenance of a website about Nodejs should be

We don't want to talk too much about Nodejs. Just to speak, Windows system under simple NODEJS environment configuration.

First step: Download the installation file

: Official website

It's used here.

Step Two: Install Nodejs

After the download is complete, double-click Node-v0.8.16-x86.msi to start installing Nodejs, which is installed by default under C:\Program Files\nodejs

Step three: Install the relevant environment

Open the C:\Program Files\nodejs directory you'll find it comes with NPM, which is installed directly with NPM

Entering the node. js Command Prompt Commands window

Enter the Nodejs installation directory C:\Program Files\nodejs

Type the command: CD C:\Program Files\nodejs can be

Start installing the relevant environment now

Type the command: NPM Express enter waiting to install Express .....

Type the command: NPM Jade return waiting to install jade .....

Type the command: NPM MySQL return to wait for the installation of MySQL .....

........ What components to install, depending on the environment to build the requirements

By default, the above components are installed under the C:\Program Files\nodejs\node_modules folder, which is also the auto-find path for NODEJS related components

Fourth step: Create a project

Now there's an express

Type: Express MyApp (MyApp is a random project name)

You'll find one more C:\Program. Files\nodejs\myapp Directory

By default: It is automatically created

These documents, do not explain, I believe that the development experience of students can be a clear glance.

Copy the Node_modules under MyApp

Set up the environment to complete this, the following to do a demo test!

Create a new helloworld.js under MyApp

Copy CodeThe code is as follows:
var http = require ("http");
Http.createserver (function (request, response) {
Response.writehead ($, {"Content-type": "Text/plain"});
Response.Write ("Hello World");
Response.End ();
}). Listen (8888);
Console.log ("Nodejs Start listen 8888 port!");
Enter the node. js Command Prompt Commands window and enter the C:\Program Files\nodejs\myapp directory

Type node Helloworld.js

Open Address

Discovery Output: Hello World

Simple Nodejs installation and environment configuration under Windows System

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