Simple operation of C # Reflection technology (read and set properties of Class) _ Practical Tips

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To have a dynamic assignment or value to a property or field of an instance of a type, you first have to get the type of that instance, or the types, Microsoft has provided us with enough methods.
First, set up a test class

Copy Code code as follows:

public class MyClass
public int one {set;
public int two {set; get;}
public int five {set; get;}
public int three {set; get;}
public int four {set; get;}

then write the code that reflects the class
Copy Code code as follows:

MyClass obj = new MyClass ();
Type t = typeof (MyClass);
Loop Assignment
int i = 0;
foreach (var item in t.getproperties ())
Item. SetValue (obj, I, null);
i + 1;
Assign values individually
T.getproperty ("Five"). SetValue (obj, 11111111, null);
Loop fetch
StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder ();
foreach (var item in t.getproperties ())
Sb. Append ("type:" + item.) Propertytype.fullname + "Property name:" + Item. Name + "Value:" + Item. GetValue (obj, null) + "<br/>");
Individual values
int five = Convert.ToInt32 (T.getproperty ("Five"). GetValue (obj, null));
Sb. Append ("Five value alone:" + five);
string result = sb. ToString ();
Response.Write (Result);

Test Display results:
Type: System.Int32 property name: One value: 0
Type: System.Int32 property name: Two value: 1
Type: System.Int32 property name: Five value: 11111111
Type: System.Int32 property name: Three value: 3
Type: System.Int32 property name: Four value: 4
Value of five alone: 11111111

Well, once you know the properties of a class are reflected, you may be able to think of a way to do it, that is, T. GetProperties () changed to T. GetMethods (), Operation Method Ditto.

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