Simple paging component (react) implementation of a paging effect (code)

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A simple paging component
... For work reasons, write a section of Vue, and now start with jquery. Oneself is the war five Slag contestant, in order to consolidate previously learned react, deliberately use react to realize, actually want to use jquery. GitHub L6zt
Code effects:

Component Basic Properties:
Cur current page number,
All total page numbers
Space page shows number +1 is the total quantity
Component Overall Status

1, connected with home page, cur < space basically meet

2, middle status, cur > Space && cur < all-space

3, connected with the end, cur > All-space

React Basic operation
subcomponents pagination update status through props, regardless of state.
Show Code

Determine if the number is const ISNUMBER = (num) and {return typeof num = = ' numbers ';}    Class Pagination extends React.component {constructor (props) {super (props);    }//Click Callback event Handleclick (item) {//Parent component Callback event THIS.PROPS.CB (item);        } render () {Let {cur, space, all} = This.props;        Let pgobj = [];            Assign a value of class const CHECKCLASS = (role, active) to different elements = {Const Defaultclass = ' Pg-span '; if (active) {return ' ${defaultclass} Active '} switch (role) {CAs E 0: {return ' ${defaultclass} '} Case 1: {return ' ${  Defaultclass} '} default: {}}}//        Initial check if (all < space) {all = space} if (cur <= 0) {cur = 0} if (cur >= all) {cur = alL}//stage to determine if (cur < space) {if (space = = = All) {for (Let i = 1; I & Lt;= space;                        i++) {Pgobj.push ({page:i, role:0, KEY:I})}} else {for (Let i = 1; I <= space; i + +) {Pgobj.push ({page:i, role:0, K                    EY:I})} pgobj.push ({page: ' ... '),                    Role:1, key: ' Next ') Pgobj.push ({page:all, role:0, Key:all})}} else if (cur >= space &            & cur <= all-space + 1) {Let odd = parseint (SPACE/2);          Pgobj.push ({page:1,      role:0, key:1});            Pgobj.push ({page: ' ... ', role:1, key: ' Pre '});                    for (Let i = cur-odd; I <= cur + odd; i + +) {Pgobj.push ({page:i,                 Role:1, key:i})} pgobj.push ({page: ' ... '),            Role:1, key: ' Next ');            Pgobj.push ({page:all, role:1, Key:all})} else {            Pgobj.push ({page:1, role:0, key:1});            Pgobj.push ({page: ' ... ', role:1, key: ' Pre '});                    for (Let i = All-space + 1; I <= all; i + +) {Pgobj.push ({page:i,          role:0,          KEY:I})};                        } return (<section> { (item =                               (<span Key={item.key} classname={checkclass (item.role, = = = cur)} onclick={() = {This.handleclick (item)}} > {ITEM.PA GE} </span>)} </section>)}}class Root Exten      DS React.component {Constructor (props) {super (props);      This.state = {Cur:1};  This.handlepagination = This.handlePagination.bind (this);      } handlepagination (item) {const {page} = Item; if (Isnumber (page)) {this.setstate ({cur:page})}} render () {let {cur} = thi    S.state;    Console.log (cur); Return (<p> <pagination cur={cur} all={100} SPACE={8} cb={this.handlepagination}/> </p>)}}; Reactdom.render (<root></root>, document.getElementById (' Root '));
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