Simple process for VC to read Excel

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1. In view-classwizad-autometion, click Add class-from a Type Library and select execl. EXE (office2003 ).

2. Select "_ application/_ workbook/_ worksheet/range/workbooks/worksheets" from the list. Click "OK" and add "Excel. cpp" and "Excel. H" to the project directory.

3. In one of you. Add Excel-related variables to the H file or define them directly in the function:

_ Application excelapp; // variables required for Excell table operations
Workbooks wbsmybooks;
_ Workbook wbmybook;
Worksheets wssmysheets;
_ Worksheet wsmysheet;
Range myrange;

4. Add the following code for clicking an event for a button:

Void cexceltestdlg: onok ()
Couninitialize ();

If (coinitialize (null )! = 0)
Afxmessagebox ("failed to initialize com support library! ");
// Start Excell
If (! Excelapp. createdispatch ("Excel. Application", null ))
Afxmessagebox ("An error occurred while creating the Excell service! ");
Exit (1 );
Excelapp. setvisible (false );

// Create a new document using the template file
Cstring strpath;
Cstring strpath1;
Getcurrentdirectory (max_path, strpath. getbuffer (max_path); // get the current path
Strpath1.format ("% S // 11.xls", strpath); // name of the Excel table to be operated
Wbsmybooks. attachdispatch (excelapp. getworkbooks (), true );
Wbmybook. attachdispatch (wbsmybooks. Add (_ variant_t (strpath1 )));
Wssmysheets. attachdispatch (wbmybook. getworksheets (), true );
Wsmysheet. attachdispatch (wssmysheets. getitem (_ variant_t ("sheet1"), true );
Myrange. attachdispatch (wsmysheet. getcells (), true );

Int ROW = 2;
Cstring smsg;

Exceltostring (row, 1, smsg); // read data from column 1 of row to smsg

Cdialog: onok ();

Void cexceltestdlg: exceltostring (INT row, int Col, cstring & smsg)
Variant vmsg;
Char cmsg [512];
Vmsg = myrange. getitem (_ variant_t (long) row), _ variant_t (long) COL ));
_ Bstr_t bmsg = (_ bstr_t) vmsg;
Strcpy (cmsg, BMSG );
Smsg = cmsg;

I forgot to mention it yesterday. The _ variant_t type must contain the following header file for identification:

# Include <comdef. h>

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