Simple settings after Fedora9 Installation

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Some simple settings after Fedora9 installation: Set ctrl + space in the input method to add the new yum source and fastestmirror plug-in to the switch # rpm-ivhhttp: // configure

Some simple settings after installation of Fedora 9:

Set ctrl + space as the switch in the input method

Add a new yum source and fastestmirror plug-in
# Rpm-ivh
# Rpm-import
# Rpm-ivh

# Rpm-import
Install yum-plugin-fastestmirror (automatically select a fast image site)
# Yum install yum-fastestmirror yum-presto

Yum to graphic interface
# Yum install yumex

Completely disable SElinux)
Set to disable in SELinux Management
Change the first option to disabled.

Flash solution on firefox
Http:// P1_Prod_Version = ShockwaveFlash
Solved the problem of no sound in flash.
Yum install libflashsupport

Right-click Terminal
Yum install nautilus-open-terminal

Audio Solution
Yum install audacious-plugins-nonfree *
Then set the encoding to Chinese and change the font by the way.

Video Solution
Yum install mplayer
Yum install smplayer
Then set the preference to control the volume with the scroll wheel
Download win32codecs
Yum install gstreamer *
Yum install stardict

Yum install rar unrar
Yum install gnochm

In addition, the input method is unstable, and the installation of the penguin fails. The installation of the virtual terminal Chinese support zhcon is a bit problematic. The editor is a bit problematic and requires learning to use it. In addition, the terminal should be switched.

Author: coldlook

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