Simple sharing: how to share files with only one network cable between two computers (XP and XP or win7 and win7 or win7 and XP)

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Find the network cable of a common connection (that is, the one you usually use, do not make special) to connect two computers directly, machine A sets the IP address to, subnet mask, the default gateway, machine B sets the IP address to and the subnet mask to 255.255.0. The default gateway is (That is, the default gateway of host a is the IP address of host B, and the default gateway of host B is the IP address of host a. In fact, it is not important to set the IP address, the most important thing is that the first three digits are the same ). A. Machine B sets the folders to be shared. (How do I set shared folders in win7? Right-click the folder you want to share-properties-"Advanced sharing" under the shared tag-click "share this folder. Note: If the disk where the folder is located is in the format of NTFS, you also need to add an Everyone user: Right-click to share the folder-properties-Share button under the share tag, after adding everyone, click share. In addition, password protection sharing should be disabled for Windows 7: Right-click "network" on the desktop, and "properties" ----- change advanced sharing settings ----- click "Disable password protection sharing "). Machine A can access machine B by entering "//" in the IE Address Bar. Machine B can access machine A by entering "//" in the IE Address Bar. Alternatively, double-click the desktop "network" (win7) or "Network Neighbor" (WINXP) to access the other party.

Appendix: How do I set IP addresses for Windows 7 server?

Right-click "network" on the desktop, open "properties", change adapter settings, right-click "Local Connection", open "properties", and select "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) ---- open "attribute ". XP.

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