Simple strips of blood from unity

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There are many ways to make blood bars in unity, most with Ngui; here I'll talk about a simple method of making blood strips.

This blood bar production is not like Ngui, it is by a piece of code can be achieved, but looks less effective, or look at the code bar;

 public texture2d bg;     //the background of the blood bar, you need to drag and drop the assignment outside; public  texture2d blood;   //Blood Bar  float Life=100;             //Total health value;   public transform m_transform;  // A transform component of an object bound to a blood bar;   void ongui ()  {    vector3 headpos= Camera.main.WorldToScreenPoint (m_transform.position+vector3.up*2.5f);    //converts a point on the object's head to screen coordinates;     gui. Drawtexture (New rect (headpos.x-15,screen.height-headpos.y,100,3), BG);                //the background of the blood bar is finished, the blood bar on the screen position    gui. Drawtexture (New rect (headpos.x-15,screen.height-headpos.y,100*life/life,3), blood);    // (HEADPOS.X-15,SCREEN.HEIGHT-HEADPOS.Y)                                                     //the Blood bar is 100 units long, 3 units wide, so you should read it.;                                                           //Current Health value/Total Health = current blood bar length/background length  }

This will be OK, the code I am directly in the face of the writing, there is a wrong words welcome correction Oh!

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Simple strips of blood from unity

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