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Q: Will the keyboard be sealed with a keypad?

A: At present, we have not received user feedback to use the visionary keyboard linked to the case; we advocate the green game, release the hands.

Hundred Treasure Box keyboard function only for simple simulation of the mouse and keyboard operation, basically equivalent to manual operation, and we also did not provide a game against the balance of the function, and the market on the abnormal WG is essentially different. But as an auxiliary tool we still need to bear the pressure of the official, but also please forgive me, for some possible special circumstances, we do not want to see.

We hereby call on the official to clearly recognize the difference between green auxiliary and abnormal WG, let the player release their hands together happy game, green game!

Q: I started the game in the invalid how to do?

A: Remember, modify the key or the value of the click "Save Settings"!

If you are an Internet café user, you may not be able to use the keyboard in the game, then contact the network administrator to the keyboard linked to the boot file to join the white list driving the firewall.

If you are using at home, please check whether the keyboard is effective outside the game (the simplest way is to open a QQ chat window after the start of the keyboard even press, see can be typed), if the chat window can be typed words, that to the game with the keyboard even click to see if you can play the word. If only in the game is not reflected, then check the Super mode and try again.

Q: It is already the latest version, but also always prompts the "tool has expired, please upgrade"?

A: Please make sure that the "year/month/day" in the lower right corner of the system is in accordance with the actual time, only time error, this situation will occur!

Q: Why does the tool interface only show half?

A: This is because you adjusted the settings of the monitor. We recommend that you follow the following process. Right click on desktop → select "Properties" → select "Set" → click "Advanced" → select "General" to view the DPI setting in the displayed window, select "Normal size (dpi)"

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