Simplicity and complexity

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Simplicity and complexity Madde The beginning of the world is simple, but it is complicated. In fact, people are very simple, but the distribution of benefits is very complicated. There are a bunch of apples on the table, and people don't care about how many apples they have, but how many apples they have in their hands. There is a mess in the unit, and people don't care about the mess, instead, they care about how much they have done. Human beings have great wisdom, but they have finally become little smart because they have to worry about gains and losses. The relationship between people is actually very simple. Due to the complicated distribution of interests, it is possible to cheat and fight. The simplicity of life is like several simple lines in the big painting of life, with a loose and loose. It is a thin month in the artistic conception of life, with a clear and cool quiet. The complexity of life refers to the ink that is spilled on the Xuan paper of life, rendering the city and the world. It refers to the Hu Qin, which is the ghost of life. Heaven and earth have a mark, which is easy to understand. Life is exhausted and hidden in complicated places. People are happy in a simple way, but few people are happy. People who are complicated and suffering are bustling. This reflects the reality of the problem: it is not easy for more people to live, but it is easy to live a complex life. When I was a child, it was very simple. When I was a child, it was very complicated. When I was a child, it was very complicated. When I was a gentleman, it was very complicated. When I was a child, it was very simple; this reminds me of Gu Cheng's Poem: You can see me later and see the cloud later. I think it's very close to you when you look at me. There is also a fascinating relationship between simplicity and complexity. It seems very easy to look at things at the end. A century-old Well, deep and clear-cut, can also look at the end, but this ancient well itself is not simple. The same is true. Sometimes, a person can look at the end, not because he is too simple, not profound, but because he is too pure. A person, with a pure soul, is originally a kind of thrilling profound. This is simple and admirable. Some people look complicated and very deep. In fact, this depth is the depth of the city rather than the depth of the soul. This complexity is the mistake of evil human nature, rather than the superposition of wonderful wisdom. Life, after all, is simple only life and death, but with the ups and downs of fate and the warmth of the world, the simple process becomes ups and downs and complicated. Simplicity is the beautiful form of life left to the world. complexity is the cool dream that life can never salvage.

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