Simulated disk full removal troubleshooting

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The most basic name for the server
Temporary change of name hostname NFSServer
Vi/etc/sysconfig/network Direct Modification
The name behind the hostname=.
Sed-i "s%localhost%serverfile%g"/etc/sysconfig/network Direct modification
If the boot server is slow, you can
Add the modified computer name to the Vi/etc/hosts

When writing an article, add the operating system version
UNAME-A Show Related information
How to simulate a small disk
DD If=/dev/zero OF=/DEV/SDC bs=8k count=10
Ls-l/dev/sdcmkfs-t EXT4/DEV/SDC
Tune2fs-c -1/DEV/SDC
Mount-o Loop/dev/sdc/var/logs
After the httpd simulation is removed
Rpm-qa |grep httpd to see if the HTTPD service is installed
Not installed
Yum Install Httpd-y
Modifying the httpd.conf configuration file
Modify httpd.conf in #customlog logs/access_log common change to customlog/var/logs/access_log common
Meaning remove the previous # and change the path to/var/logs corresponds to our previous virtual small disk
For n in ' seq 100000 ';d o curl-s>/dev/null;done
View Df-h
Delete Rm-f/var/logs/access_log
View Df-f It's not erased at all.
Check lsof |grep del again at this time.
Found deleted files are httpd occupied, not really deleted

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Simulated disk full removal troubleshooting

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