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At present, Sina Weibo personal certification has been oriented to 28 categories of 486 professional celebrities and the industry elite open Self-Help application certification, if you need to apply to enter the certification home page to submit applications.

Entertainment class

Actor: An actor who has starred in a film or television project.

Singer: A professional singer who has issued a personal album, or signed a record company.

Director: Directing too many film and television works.

Screenwriter Producer: In many film and television works to participate in the writer, producer, producer.

Entertainment executives: Record companies, film and television distribution companies and general manager of the performance company above the level of management personnel.

Artists publicity: The brokerage company propaganda director, brokers, corporate publicity and so on.

Other: This category can cover the recording studio, voice actors, continuity, photographers and so on.

Fashion class

Model: fashion magazine exclusive model, well-known model company contracted models, well-known advertising work model, the famous Model Competition award models, games, animation and film and other exhibitions showgirl, car show manufacturer models.

Make-up modelling: Artist exclusive stylist, modelling organization and cosmetics company full-time makeup artist, fashion magazine cooperation stylist, film and television drama cooperation stylist, TV column cooperation stylist.

Beauty/Apparel: TV program contracted beauty guests, well-known beauty columnist, published a fashion books, fashion magazine writers, clothing brand exclusive clothing/jewelry designer.

Life Class

Gourmet: Famous food columnist, TV column contracted gourmet guests, the national famous catering companies Chinese and Western Point chef and technician, Chinese and Western food culture researcher.

Coffee: Coffee tasting expert, industry research and coffee culture promoter, accredited coffee maker.

Wine: with national or international accreditation of the Bartender, wine sommelier, sommelier.

Travel: Nationally certified tour guides, travel-book authors, travel TV guests or magazine contributors, outdoor enthusiasts, professionals or enthusiasts with qualifications in yachts and private aircraft industries.

Health class

Medical worker: The normal hospital has the profession qualification doctor, the technician, the nurse, the pharmacist, the administrative staff.

Health, fitness experts: have formal training experience of the TV column well-known health experts, or published a well-known health books experts.

Psychological Counselor: National second-level psychological counselor.

Nutritionist: National Nutrition Division II or above.

Sports fitness coaches, experts: Fitness center listed coaches, sports fitness field professionals.

Art class

Artists: Professionals engaged in painting, sculpture, installation, image, calligraphy, Chinese painting, art creation.

Collector: Collectors who have a certain social profile.

Artists: art galleries, art institutions, auction companies, art media, trade associations, art schools, social organizations and practitioners.

Sports class

Athlete: China professional football and basketball Club officially registered personnel, including Echelon. Official registration of national and local sports teams.

Coaches: Chinese sports teams officially registered coaches.

Referee: Official registered referee of China Sports Association.

Sports industry personage: at home and abroad officially registered sports brokerage company and Sports public relations company and so on official serving staff.

Sports media people: domestic and foreign registered media (TV, newspapers, magazines, websites), etc., engaged in sports reporting work of the official gathering and editing personnel.

Financial category

Business celebrity: Top management of well-known enterprises.

Economic scholars: Public economist, financial columnist, Financial Research Institute scholar, University Economics and management Finance class professor.

Investment: Investment company industry analyst and other related staff, Angel investment (have invested in the project) person, VC/PE-related staff.

Financial media: Radio, television, newspapers, magazines, websites and other editors, journalists and related staff.

Stocks, funds, foreign exchange, futures, financial, insurance, banking: Analysts with relevant qualifications, researchers, as well as securities, funds and foreign exchange company departments have the qualifications of the relevant staff.

Enterprise: Related Enterprise Manager or supervisor or above staff member.

It science and technology class

Executives, department heads and regular employees of IT companies (including start-ups).

Has the Ministry of the record and Alexa ranked the top 10000 webmaster.

Programmer, the author of a searchable software on the Web (PC-side programs, mobile devices such as mobile applications).

Media class

Newspapers, magazines, television stations, radio official editors, journalists, choreographer, director, editor-in-chief and so on.

Government class

Civil servants, policemen, policemen, judges and other police officers, railway conductor and so on.

Campus class

Lecturer, professor, Dean and principal of all formal college and above institutions in the country. Provincial Key Secondary school senior teachers, teacher, dean, principals and so on.

Military Aviation Category

Military: Well-known military commentators, military experts, weapons technology experts, lieutenant-level officers, military media editors, journalists, the main author, the military field engineers and above technicians and managers, active in the Military Forum, blog senior military fans.

Aviation: Aviation business executives, pilots, flight attendants, air traffic, locomotive, aviation experts, aviation photographers, aviation media, people in the industry.

Literature Publishing Class

Publisher: A publishing house or publishing company employee; an independent planner and publisher in the industry who have a certain reputation.

Writer: A writer with a publishing experience or a long network of serial works, with a certain well-known freelance writer and columnist.

Parenting class

The childcare industry can provide a true identity, name of the various types of practitioners.

Experts and scholars in maternal and infant field.

Industry-related government, institutions, media, enterprises and other staff.

Hospitals at all levels of pediatrics, gynecology, obstetrics and other related departments of women and children health care personnel.

The teaching staff of kindergartens and primary schools.

Other industries (agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, catering, building decoration, transportation, wholesale/snack), etc. please enter the certification page to see more detailed certification content.

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