Sina PHP Development Engineer Interview Pen questions

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Find an internship to find the heart tired, so in the school BBS found a Sina's scattered strokes.

First do a pen test, the title is as follows.

1. List the UNIX signals you know and explain their use

2, give you an IP address, write its unsigned 32-bit representation

3, give you some HTTP stuff post request, data, Cookie,url, write an HTTP header.

4. Briefly describe some shell commands


5, write a program in PHP, print out this month's calendar

6, simple SQL query. There is a mobile phone number after the four-bit, will not.

Take a few bit like can use substring, still have left, right hey.

7. Summarize the index and the transaction, and illustrate the examples.

8, Algorithm question: Link list has ring no? If you have a ring, find the entrance.


Database index;

PHP session;

Business acid; and then learned a base;


PHP garbage collection;

Sina PHP Development Engineer Interview Pen questions

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