Single-line array sort "bubble sort"

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    1. Arrays can have more than one line, but this is a table image; there's no branch in memory. This is supposed to be segmented
    2. Is bubbling a bubble rising to the top in an internal traversal? "If that's the case, what sort of selection is it?" 】
    3. The one-time traversal should be: the current subscript point value and the next subscript point to a value that conforms to the sort logic, does not change position; otherwise, change position
    4. After each iteration, the last position is determined; "The other value cannot be specified, and the location may be changed, wasting time"
1  Public classBubblesort {2      Public Static voidMain (String []args) {3         intArray[] = {3,2,41,23,45,56,25,7,32,15};4 sort (array);5          for(intValue:array)6System.out.print ("" +value);7     }8     /**9 * If you do not conform to the collation, change the position, and this position is not necessarily the last positionTen * @method assume from large to small sort One      * */ A      Public Static voidSortintarray[]) { -         intLengthouter =Array.Length; -         inttemp = 0; the          for(intouter = 0;outer<lengthouter;outer++) -             //the last position has been determined after each iteration. -              for(intInner = 0;inner<lengthouter-outer-1;inner++){ -                 //need to change location +                 if(Array[inner] <array[inner+1]){ -temp =Array[inner]; +Array[inner] = array[inner+1]; AARRAY[INNER+1] =temp; at                 } -             } -     } -}
Bubble Sort

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Single-line array sort "bubble sort"

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