Singles Day of the confession sentence to say, the Origin of Singles Day

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Talking about Singles ' Day

Absrtact: Couples can make each festival a Valentine's Day, and singles can make every festival a Singles day.

1. Those who have a crush on me, ah, why are you so heavy to stay angry Ah!

2. In fact, I can not do Singles Day, as long as I like the people also live Singles Day good.

3. Singles Day at home to play again and again, and then a pair of to destroy you.

4. For a bachelor, Singles Day is like a big aunt, one pain at a time.

5. Singles Day Let me Alone, Valentine's Day Let me alone, Christmas Eve Let me alone, Xmas Let me alone, have the ability to test also let me a!

6. There is no one like me, every time the Singles Day, but also every time Miss Valentine's Day.

7. I was asked if I was Singles Day. Are you still alone? I am not a man who will become a dog!

8. Don't ask me about Singles Day or anything, all the festivals, I have been with the mobile phone.

9. Who said 11.11 is Singles Day, you have to single, I think 11.11 of the real meaning is: 1 born 1 1 Life only Love 1 people.

10. Recruitment: I for Singles Day single, a number of distinguished girlfriends, good performers can long-term employment!

11. How does Singles ' Day cross this year?

12. Couples can turn every holiday into Valentine's Day, and singles can turn every festival into a singles ' Day.

13. Today's festival is not gifts, gifts only accept girlfriend.

14. On the mouth said Singles Day Happy, but in the heart envy two people's happiness.

15. First midterm, then the parents ' meeting, then Singles Day, which is called the cause, affection, love of the overall collapse.

16. I am not afraid of Singles Day, I am afraid I like people but Singles Day.

17. Hate others to tell me "Happy Singles Day", the most abominable is that I have to say "thank you."

18. Pinch a count, if not an accident, this year I have another singles day, who like me, quietly told me, I chase you.

19. After more than 10 years of bachelor's Day, this year is worse?

20. Male is tall and thin, the woman has black and white beauty ugly, this matter ancient difficult whole, wish person long, Bachelor no longer have!

21. Now the child, break up a special pick Valentine's Day, confession Singles Day.

22. Allied: Sentient, have love, have sincerity. Xia Lian: Wood money, wooden car, wooden room. Guangpi: a born Bachelor.

23. It is good to say that you are single, but you will still be silent when you see a couple.

24. In this harmonious society, the pupils have Valentine's Day, the students in the Singles festival, the students have children's day.

25. Love is the speed of the state of power, lovelorn is the state of death, we are a group of bachelors is standby state.

26. Matchmaker, why do I believe you, you are still a bachelor.

27. The ugly stroke is 4, the poor stroke is 7, the sum equals 11, this is the reason of The Bachelor.

Singles Day Confession Words

1, love you have been a few years, confession is also hundreds of days, why you still do not want to tell me, what you are thinking. Don't you know I'm going to have to be alone this year for Singles Day?

2, do not say that they do not have money, not to mention that they are not handsome, quite a broad chest, in fact, you are very cute, holding a small fist, shake cool hair, with a smile of evil and evil, the pace of open cattle and cows, to the girl in secret love. I wish you a Happy Singles day.

3, inadvertently broke into your love, so I found the world's largest and can not go out of the net. Accidentally fell in love with you, just know the pain and sweetness of missing. The wish of Singles Day: I hope to become a pair with you tomorrow!

4, Singles Day arrives, message blessing Send, wish total good, hope full realization: Wish all single Find the other half, all love in the Sweet Loving, with single wave Goodbye, have a happy home!

5, Singles Day's Wish: Hope tomorrow with you into a pair! I am a bachelor does not matter, the past life does not recall, singles holiday does not give gifts, only to send messages, each other blessing do not forget, my blessing accompany you, wish you happy and sweet Singles Day!

6, Singles Day to, I wish you a happy Singles Day! Inadvertently broke into your love, so found the world's largest and can not go out of the net. Accidentally fell in love with you.

7, all said that the wind speed, Scud son than, light smile, all said light high brightness, ranked by the front of the high, the sun smiled; all said the sun to send warmth, high above the lonely, single smile. I wish you a happy Singles Day!

8, wear singles clothes, drink single water, eat Bachelor rice, watch singles TV, say singles words, wash singles bath, finally put a single fart, sleep singles sleep, love I will not be a bachelor.

9, Singles Day to, Blessing send you: I would like your career everywhere forever climb, life flowers prosperous total auspicious, early flower before the month someone accompany, love bear fruit knot, strive for wedding happiness extension. I wish you a happy Singles Day!

10, Singles Day to, message biography: This life has you, is my lucky, with you, snuggle up over the winter, difficulties do not regress, hard not to retreat, I want to establish a safe haven for you, to create a happy home of love!

11, Singles Day, remember to adhere to the "Sanko" policy: The cause to be honoured, life to the scenery, love to expose, wisdom to shine, happy to dipping, happiness to excuse me, trouble to uproar, friends invited to the honor!

12, Bachelor, Good, Bachelor of Life, not noisy, no noise, singles days really carefree, oneself Huan, own smile, Bachelor of the world is really wonderful. Singles Festival came, wish you happy sweet joys!

13, Bachelor, one person to eat, single sleep late Nobody urged, late to sleep, no one asked, night to go free, at night, at ease to drink on the drunk, the whole family is not hungry, a person rest, the whole family not tired, bachelor Bachelor, tonight is not drunk not return, bachelor Bachelor, tonight is nowhere to return

14, alone no tie, a single to come and go convenient. Save money and save space. The man who marries is very envious, and the one who has a family is free? Single people don't complain, take advantage of the opportunity to be happy every day.

15, how many barren breeze blowing sue, I have not seen your beauty, see heartache But then tears, this day who give me comfort, bachelor save a meeting.

16, SMS blessing, greetings to both hands, may you take off a single, no longer drunk in wine; dot friendship thick, flake leaves yellow, bless friends, take off a single more long. Wish you to send friends 11, to get happiness more long-term!

17, Singles Day came, single I infinite anguish, so many years I have endured not to you said, today I summon up courage, I must tell you, in fact, I always like you ... Next to that! Happy Singles Day!

18, Singles club announced: where adult Bachelor, 11. 11 can receive free Blind Date coupons, limited opportunities, special password: Singles Day Happy! The average person I don't tell him!

19, Bachelor Bitter, is 25, clothes broke no one to mend. Bachelor is difficult, working for several years, staple food or instant noodles. Bachelor miserable, just depressed finish, there are holiday messages to destroy. I wish you a happy Singles Day!

20, cold weather has come, bachelor life often confused. Sorrow, sorrow, sorrow I how to live this winter, bachelor days the most uncomfortable, I do not love this winter, bachelor situation is not strange. In fact, I am not bad, it is worth a lot of love.

21, good chance Ah! Only once a year ah! Pass by passing cannot miss! (How did you advertise here for half a day and nobody picked me up?) )

22, since this, it had to be the holy judge to the verdict, the evidence, not to deny, the final verdict: You, is the lovely bachelor-I, Love, will accompany you for a lifetime! Oh, Happy Singles Day!

23, this Singles Day, may you single day: Roll Away your troubles, roll to your happy. Come on, get the hell out of here. The unique advantage of being a bachelor is coming. I have brought you my best wishes. I wish you all the money will come.

24, today is Singles Day, I really do not want to be a bachelor, marry me, you do not marry me, I will ... Marry you!

25, today is your holiday, special send a gift: 4 sticks and 1 buns! Four sticks is four 1, the bun is the middle point-11. 11! Happy Singles Day!

26, Come on! Push off your date and throw away your roses! Turn off your phone and give up your waiting! Come on! Celebrate together, party together! Today, we don't need the opposite sex! Today! Let the opposite sex go away!

27, Blue sky towards the white clouds, never tired. Peach Blossom Breeze Water, romantic comfortable! Lone Star against the moon, warm and happy! My love for you, has been difficult to say, put you in the bottom of the heart, always think of!

28, every year there is a singles day, every time there is a I, each I have a missing, every miss has a you, this year's Singles Day I don't want to, you accompany me good?

29, the dream of thousands of encounters, 'm not sure times intoxicated, only for this life love reincarnation, destined to you love to chase you, life will not be tired, sweet is a permanent taste.

30, the day you are devastated from the market run back to say: "Whining, I love a long time of the beautiful girl, today unexpectedly in the butcher's chopping board met, it seems I was destined to bachelor life, whining ...

Singles Day Confession Words

1, you love, or do not love me, I was there, never abandon. You're bored, or you don't bother me, I'm right here, Sipilailian. Marry me, or, let me marry you. The world, there is less a single, and a leftover.

2, I hope and you: term coexistence, co-supervision, Gandanxiangzhao, woe, the same, forget and retreat; I want to establish with you the romantic, out of the vulgar, you have me, I have your life and fighting relationship. Can you make me with your body?

3, I think you really unworthy to be my friend, you still diverted to be my wife!

4, there is a marriage is a lake. You and I are in the lake, how can the lake and the two of us gossip? You marry me quickly, let those paparazzi gossip others go!

5, I like you so much, you love me under can die Ah! I love you so much, you like me long life!

6,. If you meet me is your cup, then marry me you only know what comedy! Do not believe, you come to try!

7, if the love God horse is floating clouds, then I will always cloudy to you!

Singles Day

Singles Day, November 11, originated from the date of this day there are four numbers "1" shaped four smooth sticks, and singles have the meaning of single, so November 11 was as a "Singles Day", single Clan festival and widely circulated. The Chinese tradition of singles refers to men, so Singles Day is a special holiday for single men, but single women are also added, 1 for the light body one person, the meaning of celibacy. With a batch of students farewell to the campus this holiday is gradually brought into society, is now a widespread social popular informal holiday. Singles Day also developed a "strip" and so on. Singles Day is a festival that is opposite to Valentine's Day. Singles Day, not from the traditional Chinese festivals and not the "foreign festival", but China's contemporary emerging festivals. The Singles festival was born in the early 1990 and then extended to the universities in Nanjing and then spread to various universities, which is one of the representative products of the campus interesting culture. With a batch of students farewell to the campus this holiday is gradually brought into society, is now a widespread social popular informal holiday.

On the basis of Singles Day, because of when, contentment, and developed a strip of the festival. November 11 on this day, there is a celebration of single life, is for "Singles Day", for out of the light body status and participate in dating activities, is "strip". On the one hand, married people with two dual 4 1 for the "husband and wife, a pair of one" and "whole-day, wholeheartedly" and to the November 11 as a husband and wife "loyal puppet festival" to celebrate, and many new people deliberately selected in this day to get a license to marry. In addition, some young people use this day as a day to congratulate themselves on their independence from their parents ' care and support.

Singles Day has now become a popular single festival in society. Extended from 1, January 1 known as the "small Singles Day", January 11 and November 1 known as the "Singles Day", and November 11 because there are 4 1, so is called the Big Singles Festival, which with the November 11 "big Singles Day" as the general said Singles Day. Singles festival This day's mascot is four sticks and a bun, four sticks is "11 11"

Four "1", steamed buns represent the middle of the point, but also useful eggs instead. On Singles Day, part of "Bachelor" will choose all kinds of celebrations.

Male singles called "Light and Light", the woman's light body called "plainly", became a pair of "double". Male singles name Grass has the Lord called "Stripped", single female flowers have the Lord called "Blindness", re-return to the light body family called "recovery."

Singles Day-origin

Singles Day is an entertaining festival that spreads among young people to celebrate their own pride as a single family. At the same time, the day is also a number of single men and women out of the light of the status of the date of the meeting, so it is also a "strip."

The history of Singles Day has many sayings, which is widely recognized as the origin of the south. 1993, Nanjing University "grass no master" bedroom four senior students hold a "lying talk" every night, a time to talk about the theme is to discuss how to get rid of bachelor state, lying in the beginning of the upcoming November 11 as a "Singles Day" to organize activities, from now on, "Singles Day" Gradually developed into a campus interesting culture in Nanjing University and all over the university. With a batch of students farewell to the campus, this entertaining festival is gradually brought into society, and with the large number of single adult singles, as well as group activities and the spread of Internet media, Singles festival in the social popular, and by the Singles festival developed a "strip." Other sayings or departments of the origin of Singles Day are later fabricated.

November 11, Singles Day, no day more than this day more image, more appropriate. When bachelors become "light Expensive", bachelor also has the gold and diamond grade of today, "Singles Day" naturally popular. "Bachelor" two words, not only is not the taboo of older men and women, but also in many people's eyes has become a lot cuter.

Singles Day-English interpretation

Singles Day translation, the Internet has already, one ' sday,singlesday,bachelorsday, but the British can not understand. In the eyes of Westerners, day means that everyone can enjoy of the festival, such as Christmasday, that Valentine's Day Valentine ' Sday We think is only for lovers of the festival, in western countries, many single people often on Valentine's Day write cards with their favorite people to vindicate, So Valentine ' Sday not only belongs to the lover, all the people can live, but our Singles Day only belongs to the "Bachelor", so to express with day, some contradictions. And use night will let the foreigner think Party,singlesnight not only solves day's improper, but also contains the Singles festival theme activities. "Singles Day", a Chinese college Students original festival, Singlesnight, a can let foreigners understand the translation method.

What do you know about these Singles Day nouns?

Light-man Bachelor

Ming--female bachelor

Recovery-Re-return to the status of bachelor

Bird class--not wanting to find, but not finding a level

Rookie class-in the two-time period of love, a purely resting kind of

The level of meat and birds--not wanting to fall in love for a variety of reasons, but also looking forward to the life of the emperor

The level of the Ashes--the disillusioned of the flowers.

Singles Day of the confession sentence to say, the Origin of Singles Day

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