SIP Protocol paves the way for real-time media communication

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The pioneers in the converged communication field are currently sending the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP ). SIP has become the main protocol for VoIP and other real-time media communications on the packet network. There are several reasons for the popularity and success of SIP.

First, SIP is regarded as a protocol designed for IP networks from the very beginning. This Protocol is established by IETF and is based on other protocols already developed for the IP field. SIP is a text-based protocol that is compatible with Tag-based distributed applications in the network field. It uses the same address as the Internet and uses many Internet-structured components (such as DNS servers) at work ). This enables the SIP protocol to be more integrated into Applications created based on standard computing platforms and operating systems to promote network convergence.

Second, SIP is a scalable protocol that can work with multiple media formats and loads to run a wide range of applications. The SIP protocol has developed several standards for instant messaging, resource management, media streams (videos), online friend management, and other applications. This scalability can create innovative new applications. SIP is applicable to enterprise applications and carrier applications with high scalability. This Protocol is applicable to wired and wireless networks and can take advantage of network security and AAA assets.

Third, the SIP protocol is now part of the infrastructure of most endpoints, especially the desktop operating system. This allows developers to easily create SIP-based applications. As with many communication standards, interoperability is critical, and the SIP community has ensured that all the main tasks are well compatible.

The open-source software group has accepted the SIP protocol and has done a lot of work to create and promote SIP-based applications. This has played a huge role in spreading this knowledge and the basic code required to build a SIP application.

I think we will see more application-level innovations driven by the SIP protocol in the coming months and years. The SIP protocol will enable better integration of voice and data applications.

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