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  • 1 example configuration
  • 2 provider configuration pages
  • 3 gateway Overview
    • 3.1 keeping connections alive
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Example Configuration

The following is a list of phone providers that have been successfully tested with the freeswitch software.

Please note that you shoshould stick with adding these phone providers under{Freeswitch installation}/CONF/directory/DefaultLocation. This means creating an XML file per specified phone provider underConf/directory/default/Directory. Alternatively, you can also add the provider of your choice under{Freeswitch installation}/CONF/sip_profilesDirectory. The recommendation is to stick with using the "CONF/directory/Default" location. When in doubt copy the examples found in the source code underFreeswitch/CONF/directory/default/. The sample file is named "provider. Com. xml". Note: The file is named" Example. Com. xml"On newer releases of freeswitch.


Provider configuration pages

When adding a provider to this list within the Wiki please observe these guidelines:

  • Include a generic Configuration
  • No Marketing Information
  • Keep them alphabetically listed
A through E F through H I through P Q through Z
  • Asterlink
  • AQL
  • Bbtel
  • Belcentrale. nl
  • Brastel
  • Broadvoice
  • Broadvox
  • Budgetphone. nl
  • Callcentric
  • Callwithus
  • Cheapnet. it
  • Contacttel
  • Cordia
  • Did for sale
  • DUs. net
  • Free world dialup (FWD)
  • Flowroute
  • Fönswitch
  • Freephonie
  • Freedigits
  • Gafachi
  • Gizmo
  • Gradwell
  • Grnvoip
  • Halonet
  • ICall carrier services
  • Iinet
  • Inphonex
  • Ipkall
  • Ipness
  • Iptel
  • IPPI
  • Iristel
  • Junction Networks
  • Mixmeeting
  • Metrostat
  • Mydivert. com
  • Mynetfone
  • Neotel
  • Nextiva
  • au
  • Nodephone
  • Nomado Telecom
  • Onesuite
  • Pennytel
  • Peopleline
  • Phonzo
  • Rapidvox
  • Sipcall. ch
  • Sonovoip
  • Surevoip
  • Teliax
  • Telasip
  • Unlimitel
  • Viatalk
  • Vitelity
  • Voicemeup
  • Voice Network
  • Voicepulse
  • Voicestick
  • VoIP innovations
  • Voipcheap
  • Voipstreet
  • Voiptalk
  • VoIP. Ms swiftvox
  • Voipuser
  • Vonage
  • Whistle phone
  • Yahoo Messenger

Note:If you are looking for an example with different destinations for the registration proxy and outbound proxy, see the example configuration for peopleline.

Gateway Overview

As an example we will add a trunk to Please note that this is an example. Replace with your own configs for your provider (see table below ). uses different proxies for inbound and outbound CILS, so we need to add two gateways (they can be in the same file ). one for outbound and one for inbound. provided providers (vitelity provided DED) allow you to make outbound callvia the registration proxy for inbound calland so you really only * need * to setup one gateway. before we start that we'll need to know a couple different pieces of info:

  • Username
  • Password (also called secret)
  • Outbound Server
  • Inbound Server
sudo vim /usr/local/freeswitch/conf/sip_profiles/external/vitelity.xml
<include>  <gateway name="vitelity-outbound">    <param name="username" value="****yourusername"/>    <param name="password" value="****yourpassword"/>    <param name="realm" value="vitel-outbound"/>    <param name="proxy" value="****outboundurl"/>    <param name="register" value="false"/>  </gateway>  <gateway name="vitelity-inbound">    <param name="username" value="****yourusername"/>    <param name="password" value="****yourpassword"/>    <param name="realm" value="vitel-inbound"/>    <param name="extension" value="1000"/>    <param name="proxy" value="****inboundurl"/>    <param name="register-proxy" value="****inboundurl"/>  </gateway></include>

Keeping connections alive

You can use the following parameter in your configuration to force freeswitch to re-register with your provider at certain intervals. this may be helpful for Nat issues by keeping the connection state open through your internal firewall.

<param name="expire-seconds" value="60"/>

You can also set freeswitch to ping your gateway at intervals.

<param name="ping" value="30" /> 

See also

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